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All paths lead to nowhere
Despite the touted hype
Maybe I should try a new path
And follow it, as if on a dare.
After all, I'm not exactly to type
Because others see me in different ways.
They pretend I am with them, and that they care.

I am tired of the accepted ways
In which we all are bound.
For even in these "enlightened" days
People really do seem silly
As they act and live to the sound
Of the noises they have created.
And a slave to, if they but knew.

Yes, I need to find another path, "the one less traveled".
I need to escape and find a place
Where there is peace of mind.
Where sanity exists and people aren't
Deliberately and knowingly unkind.


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Rebellious by nature, curious by training, stubborn by thinking & engineering by profession...

I'm a 24 years old Tunisian enterprise application developer/tech enthusiast/Java-oholic + Web addict and Linux fan who wants to make a difference...

Humanitarian -and pleased to be- dreamer and believer who just want to learn, enjoy life and envision a better world for all Smile :)


Hanen Ben Rhouma/ubuntu.png

* Avid reader & occasional writer

* Producing & exchanging values

* Soothing my soul

* Stimulating my mind

* Computing

* Drenching in the rain

* Hiking


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Education: Master Degree.

Major: Information & Technology.

Occupation: Software Engineer, Java/J2EE Developer.

Industry: High Tech, Computer Software.

Job Description: Architect solutions for distributed and enterprise computing using Java/J2EE technologies.

Career Skills: SOA, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, XML, Java, OSGi, J2EE, J2SE, JDBC, JNDI, EJB, JMX, JNI, SNMP, Web Services, Java-based Open Source Technologies, RMI, Swing, Web Development (Servlets, JSP, JSF, Struts, AJAX, Google Web Toolkit), Spring MVC/WS/DM, Hibernate, Toplink, Equinox, Jasper, Knopflerfish, Netbeans IDE, Eclipse RCP, JBoss, Glassfish, Apache Tomcat.

Career Interests: Web Services, SOA, OSGi, Cloud Computing, CMMI process leading, architecture managing, consulting opportunities, finding business partners, finding co-founders & team mates, learning about entrepreneurship, meeting new people, patenting my ideas.

Why Do I Love Linux and FOSS

Hanen Ben Rhouma/ubuntu.png

FOSS is all about giving power and control to individuals.
It embraces all of the important freedoms-- the freedom to create, share, invent, collaborate, learn, and change, all without penalties or artificial barriers.
It promotes transparency and accountability.
Everyone can play.

It fosters real innovation, not the fake kind that proprietary vendors are so fond of boasting about.
It promotes honesty.
It is a powerful force against tyranny, shoddiness, and a powerful force for quality.
It doesn't force me to choose between my important personal principals and a pay-check.
Its success does not depend on people being stupid or deceived.
It brings people together from all over the planet.
It benefits everyone, even its enemies.
It is the one and only saviour from a rapacious, proprietary, locked-down micro-managed intrusive computing landscape.
It opens doors everywhere.

It rewards skill, ingenuity, cooperation and willingness to learn.
It doesn't provide hiding places for guilty parties to hide.
It succeeds on its own merits.
It puts powerful tools in the hands of anyone who wants to learn how to use them.
It accommodates all skill ranges, from beginner to guru.
It does not support pretence.
Its basic assumption is that the user is a friend.

It works.
It is empowering.
It is from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
It is a knowledge sharing destination and a shared knowledge warehouse.

With all of its complexity, power user (and beyond) capabilities, etc. it is also very easy (if wanted) and very very light Smile :)

Because GNU/Linux and FOSS promotes freedom of choice: I am not having the unfortunate circumstance of limited decision and dealing with bloated systems that fail me at each turn is my idea of that freedom.

The use of FOSS is a brainy solution for any person wishing to improve the human condition. What I have trouble understanding is why some people don't see any value in such ideals. Some even actively reject them and find nothing wrong with promoting artificial scarcity. I tend to think this is a result of our capitalistic society.

I Love Linux because it offers me choice. It gives me the power and freedom to choose not only what I use, but how I use it. Products that stifle choice and competition are simply not going to be as good as those that foster them.

That's about all I can think of for now.

The Spirit Behind

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There is a large number of noble ways to improve the world: hunger fight, wars refrain, diseases eradication, and much more. The first and most important component in this system needs to be free education for better civilisation sculpture.

This is where Ubuntu interferes to promote science, research and knowledge spreading through free software, paving that way a future for everyone by having access to education regardless of financial and social status differences.

How much time do we need to raise for such cause? Do we want to do something for achieving such noble target? How many people must "want", before this vision becomes a reality? Is my personal commitment important? Can I make a difference?

My Vision

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To be able to contribute to the Ubuntu community and share what knowledge I have learnt to new users. Presently I'm still on the road of discovery, almost 2 years of commitment to Ubuntu now, this has changed my outlook on life some what! I now feel the need for a place within a community, Why not here!


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"Simplifying takes effort and clear thinking. Complicating just needs a confusing mind."

My vision is that Ubuntu will become a major platform for scientific research, teaching, computing and program development. One way of achieving this goal is to make sure that as many science applications as possible are available as packages that readily can be installed.

Linux is extremely well suited for teaching in higher education, because high quality software is available free of cost and freely distributable. Teachers in a course could simply hand out a copy of the CD to all their students, who could take it home and work with the relevant problems. It would be a great opportunity to present students to Linux wonders!

It's equally important that young talents have access to a stable platform well suited for program development. Linux is such a platform, with lots of tools, even sophisticated IDEs are available. What's important here is that the standard libraries used within the various scientific communities, are available in packages, so valuable time is saved getting this infrastructure set up.

If Ubuntu/Debian becomes a solid scientific platform, it will also encourage people to publish their software under a free software license (which has not been customary in our community) given the precious privilege of possibly getting their software into the distribution.

I'm very motivated to engage in work on an Ubuntu Science Edition. I imagine the debtags system might be something that could be helpful in this regard. While a standard, installable edition would certainly be desirable, it would also be extremely useful with a live CD, that could contain scientific software, databases, and various types of documentation. Perhaps the installable Science Edition could even include tools that would enable teachers to add their own custom material to the CD.

Such a free and user-friendly distribution can bring through its Open Source culture a quality education that fosters passionate, enthusiastic and ongoing expansion of knowledge and better educational approaches on behalf of young cooperating tech-savvy generations.


Personal Involvement

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I am an avid Ubuntu fan and an Adherent Member to the DFSA. My interest in Linux stems back to 2004, when curiosity got the better of me and I began using SUSE 9.0 then Mandriva before I came to Ubuntu with which I'm in love since Sep-2007 (Feisty 7.04) given that I liked the way it catered to the mass market compared to some distributions where complaints about GUIs were met with: "but you can just whip up a command prompt and type...".

What I didn't like was that the free version was always the poor cousin of the paid version. On the flipside I loved the Debian philosophy. As you can guess, I was very happy when Ubuntu merged these two goals.

Now, I run Kubuntu as my default laptop Operating System and also have a Fedora partition (which sometimes runs Linux too Tongue out :-? ). I guess I'm just an all-around fan of Open Source.

I maintain the LaptopTesting page for Lenovo 3000 N500 423347G (filling even the most minor bugs if they blemish my machine's "Just Work"-ness).

I strongly advocate Free Software in many areas and I'm particularly interested in making Free Software work in the corporate, capitalist world.

Alpha & Beta testing for...
* Ubuntu Karmic
* Launchpad

* Miscellaneous Bug Reports
* Translations
* Karma

* Participating in Ubuntu-tn mailing list every now and then
* Attending some Ubuntu Tunisian Team install parties as well as conferences days

Ubuntu Forums
* Proposing & answering some polls/threads
* My Ubuntu Forums profile page

Ubuntu has allowed me to develop and expand the way I use computing for both my day to day usage, and development...

Future Plans

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Ubuntu Contributing code to official Sabily distribution (Ubuntu variant geared towards Muslims)
Ubuntu Organising and participating in local activities to promote the use of Open Source software
Ubuntu More extensive usability testing

Just Another Story

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Back to the "old" days when I was at university, a memorable teacher told me that the toughest problem of gathering a working team of highly skilled to brilliant-considered individuals was that those guys ego was bigger than a whole museum, they would avoid cooperating with each other in the pursuit of demonstrating that they were the best overall and could undertake the whole task without the aid of anyone!

He was right...

I had come to observe that really brilliant or knowledgeable people (up to geniuses), don't behave that way. They know what they're worth, and thus don't have to demonstrate anything.

Even more, the latter ones are the most cooperative, encouraging and open to share their valuable knowledge, when it comes to help their colleagues to improve their skills.

The excellent news is that being a genius is not a requirement for adopting that working spirit Smile :) !

Our Team

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By August 2008, I've joined our approved Tunisia LoCo Team which is an open team of contributors seriously committed to Open Source spirit, working together and interested in helping out with Ubuntu demonstration, distribution and promotion within Tunisia by coordinating joint activities including a discussion list, a mentor program for new members, help support and assistance for Ubuntu users plus some specific objectives clearly related to community needs. You can meet them on a regular basis by joining #ubuntu-tn on the Freenode IRC server after registering your nickname. It's a good initiative for knowing more and more Ubuntu users through network sharing sessions.

Call for a membership by visiting Ubuntu-tn Users Group and check out our Members List. You can subscribe to the Mailing List and introduce yourself through it. There is also our moderated Sub-Forum for any technical inquiries or poll participation. Members are free to contribute and help each other.

This LoCo is not about anyone's company or individual but instead the opportunity we share collectively to enable an open Operating System. I am but one eager supporter like everyone else.


Our Goals in 2009

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Ubuntu Official Ubuntu-tn Association status approval.
Ubuntu Website enhancement (start with a clean slate).
Ubuntu New active members (help the team grow in active membership and size).
Ubuntu Events organisation (help the team coordinate efforts and abilities to achieve/keep active members).
Ubuntu Plan, document and summarise team happenings and upcoming events.
Ubuntu Mentoring other newly established Arabic LoCo teams.
Ubuntu Social gatherings.

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