Ubuntu-tn, the Tunisian Team



Ubuntu-tn is the approved loco team for the Ubuntu users community in Tunisia. It is formed by volunteers who share a common passion toward free software, believe in this distribution and abide by to the message that it conveys: "humanity to others".


Ubuntu-tn's goal is to promote the use of the free operating system throughout the country by organizing public events, conferences and visits to schools and universities while assuring the help and the technical support necessary for the new users or those who still wonder if Ubuntu is made for them.

Work Groups

Our community includes seven working groups each one is headed by a coordinator and assisted by a deputy. All coordinators and assistants form the Coordinating Committee. Any member from the community can contribute in any groups, or even all groups. So that, the coordinator have to manage the group's work.And, If you have any ideas in mind or you want to contribute to the current projects of a group, please contact the coordinator.

Some Past Events

  • SFD'08 (29/10/2008) : El Ghazala technology center in Tunis (Summary).

  • Install party of Ubuntu 8.04 at the ISET Charguiya (17/4/2007)
  • Install party of Ubuntu 8.04 at the ISI with the Freeways club. (30/4/2007)
  • SFD'07 (27/10/2007) : The City of Sciences in Tunis (Preparations).

How to subscribe

  • There are no conditions to become a member of the Tunisian team of Ubuntu. The process of subscription is simple and can be summarized in two steps:
  • Register to our Mailing-list

  • Sign up on Launchpad and join the team: Ubuntu Tunisian Team

What is being done now

  • Establishment of the association.
  • Creation of the website of the community.
  • Creating a mirror of Ubuntu in Tunisia.
  • Preparation of events at universities.

Feel free to ask questions on mailing list or in our IRC channel.


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