Howto Install the Samsung ML-2250 printer driver

The Samsung ML-2250 printer ist delivered with a driver cd. This cd contains an binary cups filter for the printer. The driver is available for the x86 and PowerPC platform. This howto was tested on the x86 platform, but should work the same on the PowerPC platform.

If you have a normal desktop setup only libgtk1.2 as additinal package is needed. If ubuntu-desktop wasn't installed you probably need additional packages, especially the cups printing system.

You need to start the terminal, but the installation procedure is very simple. First start the Terminal under Accessories / Terminal, install the package libgtk1.2 and go to the cd location, than start the setup programm. To do this simple input the following to lines into the terminal by simple copieing it.

apt-get install libgtk1.2
cd /media/cdrom
sudo /bin/sh ./

Here you can select the simple installation routine. At the end you should click Start to start the configuration utility. Here click on the Add Printer button. All settings in the dialog should be okay.

Voila your printer is installed and setup. Now you can print.

In the applications menu you can select Others / Configuration Tools.

Problems with Samsung's configuration utility

Some users may encounter problems using the Samsung configuration utility linux-config since a root login is explicitly required when adding a new printer. In general, it isn't a good idea to create a root password - last but not least since it doesn't work in this case. Instead, you have to add cupsys to the shadow group in order to perform administration tasks and restart it afterwards:

sudo adduser cupsys shadow
sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart

From now on you can login with your user name and password.

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