Yealink is a chipset(?) used in a number of low cost USB phones. The USB phones are often used by people to connect using softphone applications like Ekiga (which currently comes in the default install).

The phone I used shows as a Freshtel FT-102 VoIP USB Phone when I run lsusb. It is reported as a Yealink Technology Ltd. VOIP USB Phone when I run cat /proc/asound/cards

How well does it work?

Feisty Fawn: The phone is detected correctly when plugged in to a USB port. The phone becomes a keypad and pressing numbers on the phone results in numbers being typed on the screen, so you can dial, pickup and hang up from the phone if the softphone software is the active window. The mic and speaker volume needs adjustment from the commandline though.

Adjusting the volume from the commandline

For some reason the gnome volume control does not seem to work well with the phone. To correct this you need to manually set the volume from the commandline.

From a terminal: 1. Work out the card number by running cat /proc/asound/cards Unless you have any other USB audio devices or multiple installed sound cards it will be card 1. 2. Run alsamixer -c 1 (or whatever your card number is) 3. Adjust the speaker volume to minimise echo (I have mine set to 30%) once done hit tab. 4. Adjust the Mic volume so you can be heard (I have mine set to 40%) once done hit tab. 5. When the screen with both bars is showing you can either hit tab to go round again or esc to exit.

Sometimes when using the up and down arrow keys to change the capture (mic) volume the volume set to zero and seems to mute the capture. The best way to avoid this is to use the shortcut for setting the levels which is if you hit a number on the keyboard the volume is 10x the number eg: pressing 5 sets the volume to 50%.

Saving the volume change

The change in volume is only kept until the machine is restarted or the device is unplugged. To set the volume levels for the card to be remembered enter: sudo alsactl store

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