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Notes on installation and compatibility of Ubuntu on Averatec laptops.



Installs ?

Works ?

Not working

Ubuntu Release


Last Updated, Author

2300 Series (HOWTO for the 2370)


These work: ALL COMPONENTS (including compositing for beryl/compiz) 64 bit & 32 bit support in the HOWTO.

Sleep (not much work put into it)

v6.10 (Edgy)

Complete HOWTO

2007-Feb-20 , Tim Alexander

3250 HX

Yes, boot with vga=771

These work: Graphics, disk, CPU scaling, networking, USB, sound, wired network, CD burning, hibernate, modem, Wifi (Edgy)

Sleep (no), PCMCIA (yes, tested with Firewire card), external monitor (yes).

v5.10 (Breezy) & v6.10 (Edgy)

Require work: Bluetooth, wireless networking (see Details), DVD/RW+ format & write.

2006-Oct-26 , Fabian Rodriguez

5500 series


Most things work, video chip is SIS 661FX series.

Video: there is no DRI support.


Require work: Wireless networking based on RT2500. See Stewart Smith's blog

2005-Apr-20, Cheuksan Edward Wang

6100 series


Most Things (Sound, CPU scaling, SIS900, USB)

Suspend with fglrx and Ctrl+Alt+F1, etc. with fglrx.

v5.04 (Hoary)

Require work: Hibernate, rt2500 wireless, tv-out.

2005-May-15, Steven Harper

3700 series


These work: Sound, CPU Scaling


v6.06 (Dapper)

Require work: xorg.conf settings, rt2500 setup, trackpad configuration

2006-May-12 , Thedward Blevins

Other models:

  • LaptopTesting/Averatec3225HS-01


Feel free to add additional information here

  • Wireless networking configuration
    • Using Windows drivers via !NDISWrapper

    • Using native drivers or for the 2370, using the rt73 driver from ralink. Included info in the forum howto for that laptop.

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