Kubuntu Hardy Alpha 5 is here

NOTE: This is an alpha (pre-) release. Pre-release version of Hardy are NOT encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or for anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent, breakage. Pre-release versions of Hardy ARE recommended for Kubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs.

Screenshots will be available at: http://www.thecodingstudio.com/opensource/linux/?q=node/55

Previous Kubuntu 8.04 Releases

New In Alpha 5

Remember that all of these features are part of a pre-release version of Kubuntu, and may still have issues. We ask that any problems you come across that you file a bug, if one has yet to be filed for your problem.

KDE 3.5.9

Alpha 5 includes the latest KDE 3.5.9. beneath a lot of bug fixes KDE Pim is merged with the Enterprise branch, so it also contains new features especially in kontact. A full list of bugfixes is here: http://dot.kde.org/1203436147/

KDE 4.0.1

KDE 4 is updated monthly and ofcourse Hardy brings the first and latest bug fix release 4.0.1. Here is what is fixed: http://dot.kde.org/1202239435/

Wubi windows installer

Install directly to a Windows partition. For a normal install alongside Windows there is now an option to reboot into the live CD.



System Config Printer

Kmenu -> Utilities -> Printing The start of a new printer setup tool for KDE.

KOffice 2 Alpha 6

Try out the next generation office suite.


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