Feedback for Kubuntu-KDE4 Hardy Alpha.

We don't usually reply to these comments but we do read them all.

  • I loved it, jriddell
  • Some thoughts (emix):
    • Linux for human beings should install Kwrite instead of Kate;
    • Oxygen mouse cursors should be used for a complete KDE4 experience;
    • Firefox and Thunderbird should be installed by default (Konqueror is not perfect and Kmail doesn't exist);
    • why not using KDM/KDE4?
    • Konsole/KDE3 should be removed;
    • Okular (one of the best KDE4 apps) is missing;
    • HP printer and fax utilities should not be installed by default (not everyone needs them).
      • As far as I know KDM-KDE4 doesn't work properly at the moment, leaving you at the CLI. I prefer Kate to KWrite but that's a matter of taste. The real question is, whether whether we really need both. To be frank, I haven't figured out what the difference between Kate and KWrite should be. -- Sokraates --
      • I second the rest, especially regarding Okular and Firefox/Thunderbird. It would also be nice to have a Firefox-Kde4 theme by the time Firefox 3 is released the default GNOME theme looks hideous on KDE 4. If Kubuntu doesn't want to provide one (which I think will be the case), it would help a lot if a theme from any other source would be offered as an easily installable package. -- Sokraates --
      • Thanks guys for all the nice work you're doing! I'll remember to buy something from the canonical store by the end of April. I'm using KDE 4 with Ubuntu packages since the very first release (I previously used Gnome) and I have to say that everyone that caught a glimpse of this new desktop environment was amazed and captivated by its look and feel. It's really coooool! Sorry. Wink ;-) Now, I vote for the inclusion of Firefox + Thunderbird and I also miss a KDE theme for GTK appz. This should be easily solved using some config file, as KDE3 did. The KDM theme that is likely to be shipped with the final release doesn't really match my taste (thus, I vote for a better one). Smile :-)

  • I tried the *Alternate* CD for both Alpha 5 (KDE 3) and Alpha (KDE 4). (My computer is a little on the short side on resources -- but had been successfully running Hardy KDE 4 prior to an update crash a month or so back) I even validated the MD5 sum on the KDE 4 Alpha (forgot to on KDE 3 before I overwrote it). Burned them both in K3B on Gutsy. K3B claimed to have success on both CD's (and K3B has been faithful in the past) -- but both failed their own internal CD check for me. When I used the opening menu option to check for CD errors, both claimed to have packages.gz files that failed the MD5 check. -- D. Wynn
  • Also, it seemed extremely odd to me. When the CD first booted up, I was offered a choice of several languages. When I then asked the CD to load Kubuntu to my system -- the very first question I was asked was what language I would like to install with. That's an extremely short memory span. Is there any way that the installation program could remember the language that I booted the CD with? -- D. Wynn
    • True. It happens from the live desktop as well as when the installer is called directly. Though what I wonder about is why after the "direct" install the live CD opens the live desktop instead of rebooting. This somehow defeats the purpose of installing without opening the live desktop first. Furthermore I'd like to correct what I wrote above: Firefox is on the Live CD and seems to be installed by default, too. Thank you all very much. Now the prospect of a Kubuntu KDE4-theme for Firefox3 looks better. -- Sokraates --

* In my "Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron alpha 5 i386" installation, (alternate cd) when I open "Monitor and Display" in System Settings I get the following message:

The module Monitor and Display could not be loaded. The diagnostics is: Library files for "" not found in paths.

Because of this I am unable to change my desktop resolution settings and am stuck with an annoying 1600*1200 desktop.

*This does not occur in my "Kubuntu kde4 Hardy Heron alpha i386" installation as you are able to start "Monitor and Display" and adjust display settings. However, even though you are able to change display settings in the kde4 installation they are not applied at the next computer startup, leaving you with the same annoyingly high 1600*1200 resolution. Maybe you can consider giving users a safer, more comfortable resolution like 1024*768 after installation instead of the highest possible one.

* With this new version of xorg in Hardy Heron will users be able to adjust their colour depth? --Steely

* In dolphin, trying to define a new network connection fails. Starting knetattach directly is possible, but does not result in working connections either. -- easy

* Changing the size of the panel, does not change the sizes of the KDE-Logo and the clock, it also reveals that the systemtray logos are not transparent, meaning the cover part of the edge. I would like to suggest to have a small panel as the standard size. Remember: It is still not possible (auto)hide the panel, so then there is this big ugly thing on the screen all the time. That comes quite annoying when you have a window which is to big for your screen and you can not get behind the panel (fitting the window to screensize also does not fix the problem Sad :-( )

* I would be cool if the edge of the panel (which should be cool, I assume, but I hate it) could be configured at least that I can be turned of. You also see the necessity to configure it when you choose to put the panel on the side or the top. You can see that something is not right there, it wont adjust correctly.

* There is no option to have no image in the background of the desktop. Please make it an option!

* It doesn't seem possible to mark more than an Icon on the desktop, like it was before in KDE3

* There is this rather big black frame surrounding every icon. Please make it configurable and also allow it to be turned of. I understand, this will be necessary, if you have images in the background, but if you allow people to have no image in the background everything should be fine without.

* There is an even bigger frame with options to rotate and edit configuration. I actually do not see any use in it. At least for normal files lying there. Configurations could be just available on right click. I know some people will like it, but there are also people who use the desktop for working not playing around. So please allow it to be turned off.

* And if someone read this: This page is currently not linked from the Beta-Relase-announcement page. Instead you are asked to create an empty page (You can remove this comment when it is fixed).

* Serious bug: Changing the standard icon size in system settings to 16 does not have and effect (at least on Panel and the KDE-menu). Correction: After the crash and restart of the plasma environment the setting seems to be honoured for the desktop, but it does not work for panel and menu

* The plasma workspace keeps crashing from time to time. I have the CD running in the virtualbox environment. I do not want to post the backtrace here, but I can mail it to someone.

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