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  • pwd: Cupertino, CA
  • ls | grep skillz: Video Editor / Graphic Artist. Amateur Sound Engineer. *nix.
  • ls | grep work: QA Engineer
  • ...and trying to learn C++ & Python & stuff...

So...I just got finished a very long and arduous change of jobs and moving house. And now I'm finally getting back to the stuff thats important to me, most notably being involved with Linux!

My Computers

I have an ever-rotating collection of computers...currently they include:

BrandX PC tower / 1.5ghz 1 GB RAM 200 GB HD

  • Ubuntu 7.10

Powerbook G4 / 1.6ghz 1.5gb RAM 80gb Hard Drive

  • Debian 4

Sony Vaio N250N laptop / 1.73 Intel Core Duo Centrino System 1 GB RAM 120 HD Partitioned 2-ways

  • Fedora 9 + KDE 4.0
  • Slackware 12

Nokia N800

  • Maemo OS2008 (well, Debian)

MacBook Pro

  • Slackware 12.1


  • Mandreeeva 2008.1

and so on...

Stuff I know a little something about

  • Forcibly installing Linux on computers, configuring X environments that work, a bit about wrangling wireless cards
  • Sound engineering
  • VirtualBox, Parallels, stuff like that

  • Firmware, Intels' EFI shell, boot ROMs, etc.

Stuff I know everything about

  • Video editing
  • Video compression
  • Motion photography
  • Graphic design

Stuff I want to learn more about

  • Server stuff
  • Programming
  • Esperanto


  • harkonen on irc.freenode.net
    • #ubuntu-california
  • Email - must have the word "ubuntu" or "Linux" in the subject line or it will never get to me


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