HeBuntu Project : An Israeli Localized and hebrew optimized Ubuntu derived distribution

In order to reach the hearts of the greater audience of computer users in Israel (including organizations, firms and the government) a derived distribution could be started , that would incorporate Ubuntu guidelines for usability and accessibility as well as providing some localized added value through a list of goals.

HeBuntu Goals

  • Should follow a complete and coherent hebrew speaking install process.
  • Hebrew display and input ready, out_of_the_box.
  • Capable of establishing net connections, with all the major Israeli ISP out_of_the_box.
  • Provide a complete Hebrew desktop publishing system - out_of_the_box.
  • Be attractive to schools and educational institutions, possibly through the localization of SchoolTool

  • Provide an easy to use, free and stable academic computing platform.

Action Items

  • Wait until the zero effort derivative distribution creationg of ubuntu is mature, due by the hoary release. or

  • Temporary create a customized install cd of ubuntu partially addressing some of the feature goals:
    • * Preseed the language choices in the bootloader configuration.
    • * Create a package containing needed conffiles for GNOME such that:
      • ** GNOME Keyboard Layout Chooser would already have hebrew input enabled.
      • ** GNOME desktop would use the Hebrew locale and present Hebrew menus.
      • ** Do automatic installationo of necessary fonts packages.

From: Amos Shapira Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 06:45:51 +0100 Subject: What about "configure ubuntu for Hebrew"?

How about providing whatever is needed to convert an existing, installed, Ubuntu system to support Hebrew? Could be easier to kick-start the effort and should be easy to merge into an installation process of a dedicated distro once this gets going.

Agreed, this should be the way to tackle this since most of the infrastructure and support is there, after a standard install. (SivanGreen)


We are currently working for HeBuntu 11.04.

Downloads for this project could be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/hebuntu.

The project manager: Ohadcn.


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