Provide an (external?) resource for more full and explicit package information than currently possible by apt-*, dpkg* and friends.


A package description can be quite generic. Sometimes all you need is social help for finding the right package or software to do the job.

Use cases

Alfie wants to know what the best photo processing/image manipulation program is. After much head-scratching and FAQ searching he figures out to type apt-cache search image which returnes 780 hits, which is way too much for poor little Alfie. apt-cache search paint returns too little with no obvious candidate. Even when Alfie tries apt-cache search photo he gets 87 hits, which is still slightly too confusing.


  • Create a wiki or similarily community-based site which is dedicated to being very friendly and helpful specific to Ubuntu Linux.
  • Primarily providing "the best/most commonly used" photo/image application. Useful tips for getting the most out of that application, and similar tricks&treats.


The best design would be basing it on the colour scheme of Ubuntu, and creating a domain as well as a custom skin for a wiki or similar community software. A totally different route would be to go full out AJAX, with something like TurboGears


To be discussed. PS: I'd be more than happy to not only be the main lead for this, but also provide hosting!


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