I'm creating this page to facilitate the discussion on the immediate things we can do to facilitate and reward users reporting bugs in Malone. This is directly stemmed from Andreas Schildbach's Flight-5 installation report and musing that he was dissappointed in the level of feedback he got on the bugs he reported.

One thing I noticed is that all of his bugs were filed against "ubuntu". This is understandable for a new user or a user who is not terribly familiar with the different packages that are available in ubuntu. However there is no easy way for developers/bug-triagers to produce a list of bugs which haven't been filed against a specific package. Additionally, this means that only the reporter and ubuntu bugs mailing list are subscribed. This results in the bug dissappearing effectively into cyber-space. What can we do to fix this in the immediate time frame while we wait for malone to be improved to allow us to generate this list?

In any case I've filed this bug:

Please add your comments below



I am annoyed by the lack of ways to get involved in bug triage easily. I've been told on IRC that the best way to get a feed of new bug reports was too subscribe to particular packages I was interrested in. Subscribing to ubuntu-bugs, or universe-bugs or whatnot is not recommended because of the sheer number of new bugs that are posted daily.

What I would like too see is a page where I could go daily and see what new bugs were looked at or weren't taken charge of. This would probably help newcomers to get involved too.

It could be solved be assigning all the new to some kind of triage team. It could be an informal, loose team, or an official Launchpad team.



I think there should be a message at the bug reporting form, telling the user that it's better to leave the package name empty rather than entering a wrong or a very generic one ('ubuntu').

Also, it might be an idea that each package can define certain conditions that should (not: must) be met, such as an Xorg.0.log attachment should be present on bugs filed against If those conditions are not met, a reminder could be added to the bug page and every email event associated with that bug.



I think the simplest thing we can do right now is get involved in Bug Day and grow a dedicated team out of it. I think I'd want a little time in the trenches before I really think about how best to handle helping bug reporters.


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