I work for Canonical as an information architect and manager of the Enterprise Applications Team. I've also been Ubuntu webmaster, maintainer of the Live CD WinFOSS content, Ubuntu Accessibility Lead, and recently the Ubuntu QA Team Manager.

I founded the OpenCD project in 2002 and later co-founded Software Freedom International, organisers of Software Freedom Day. I've been contributing to Ubuntu since Warty Beta, maintaining the Live CD WinFOSS collection. My main contributions to Ubuntu are in accessibility and the original version of to Bughelper. I also designed the original Brainstorm with St├ęphane Graber and Nicolas Deschildre

In 2005 I completed a D.Phil. in theoretical astrophysics on the topic of galactic jets in cooling flow clusters.

After a two years in my Native Norway I'm now back in the UK. I've recently taken an interest in photography, esp. medium format film. I also maintain Ania's various websites who, unlike me, takes very good pictures Wink ;)

Contact details

  • email: henrik AT ubuntu.com
  • IRC: heno on freenode

  • Launchpad: henrik


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