About me

I have been using Linux intensively for quite a few years now. I started using Ubuntu just after the warty release.

Work & Study

Part-time work, part-time study, part-time a lot of other stuff. Smile :)

Currently I'm working on a project to migrate a primary school to Edubuntu (almost finished).

At the moment I’m studying for my bachelor in software engineering at the Hanzehogeschool (Groningen, in the Netherlands). However I changed my study program a bit and put my focus on Linux in the last two years. But I end up with the same piece of paper. I expect to graduate early 2007.

Fields of interest

  • Ubuntu
  • Linux security (especially host based)
  • Migrating Windows environment to Linux
  • Terminal server stuff (Edubuntu)
  • more…


  • Learn spanish…
  • Travel
  • More Ubuntu everywhere

Ubuntu work



  • I file bugs if I encounter them. See launchpad profile.
  • I attended Ubuntu Below Zero in Montreal, Canada for 10 days and gave input, raised discussion on topics of interest.


  • Attend most Edubuntu meetings
  • Give support on #edubuntu
  • Give support @ edubuntu-devel mailinglist
  • Test Edubuntu
  • Use Edubuntu in production environment and supply feedback.
  • Tested Willow for Edubuntu content filtering.

Ubuntu-NL LocoTeam

  • Give support on #ubuntu-nl
  • Attend occasional real life meeting
  • Redistributed CD's and promoted Ubuntu at my college


  • I blog about Ubuntu/Edubuntu!

Work pending

Future work

  • Migrate more schools to edubuntu Smile :)

  • Continue my past efforts
  • Write more documentation


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