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Sydney, Australia

About Me

I'm an Electrical Engineer who's been using Ubuntu since 2006. I became an Ubuntu Member in 2008. While I'm not a programmer, I have a technical understanding of user facing applications which I use to contribute primarily in the area of bug triage.

Contributions to Ubuntu


I started contributing in the Hardy development cycle, and have been involved in the development of each release since then. My contributions to Ubuntu are in the form of bug triage, reporting and testing. I also provide support in the #ubuntu channels from time to time, as well as providing en_AU translations.

List of Contributions

  • Bug Triage - I am a member of Ubuntu Bug Control. I have been known to triage bugs in neglected universe packages, bugs I am familiar with and bugs I can reproduce. This means I often contribute information to the reports I triage in the form of testing, logs and backtraces. I tend to subscribe to all bugs I touch and stay with them throughout their life.

  • Bug Reporting - I report bugs ranging from crashers to errors to cosmetic issues to sync requests. As a triager, I know what information is relevant to a bug report, so I aim for them to be effectively triaged as they are submitted. I am able to follow up on technical developer requests which often go ignored by the average bug reporter. This has led to a number of bugs I have reported to be fixed upstream and in Ubuntu.

  • #ubuntu Support - When I'm available, I can be found in #ubuntu+1, #ubuntu-au and #ubuntu-bugs. I give support and information to users that request it.

  • en_AU Translations - I do en_AU translations when I see untranslated strings in applications I use.

  • Ubuntu Activism - I recommend Ubuntu and provide support for it to friends.


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