Welcome to the Hindi Ubuntu translation guide. This is an effort to make translations consistent and simple to make Ubuntu easy for both users and translators.


  • Ubuntu Please don’t delete words unless necessary.

    Ubuntu Please insert new words according to English alphabetical order.

    Ubuntu Please don’t change translations without holding a discussion; add a comment where you feel there ought to be a change.

    Ubuntu Feel free to adapt or discuss the Rules or Suggestions as you see fit.

    Ubuntu Feel free to add more words.

Preliminary suggestions:

  • Ubuntu Use अं instead of अन् or अम् wherever possible, therefore अंतिम, not अन्तिम.

    Ubuntu There is no default keyboard layout for this Translations. Translators can use any layout. For Example, Wx or Bolnagri. For knowing How to install a keyboard layout, visit: , see the 4th post. For me, I am good with qwerty keypad so i like Bolnagri...its not a standard, but very easy to start. If you want some standard layout, then use Wx layout. A nice blog about Bolnagri is here.

    Ubuntu The use of अं in place of अँ does not make sense. Hence, It should be माँग, not मांग.

    Ubuntu While English Ubuntu prefers a casual tone, a formal tone sounds better in Hindi. Hence, use आप न करें, not तुम मत करों.

    Ubuntu Use एँ, not यें for plurals and requests. Hence, it should be बनाएँ, not बनायें.

    Ubuntu Whenever an English term is more commonly used than the Hindi equivalent by Hindi speakers, use English in Devanagari script. The objective is to use understandable Hindi, not literary Hindi. Hence, use फोन, not दूरध्वनि.

    Ubuntu Do not translate word-by-word. Instead, grasp the entire meaning of the message and convey it in simple, concise language. (This includes not just pasting the sentence in Google Translate and using the output, since Google Translate Fails Epicly at Translating.

    Ubuntu Avoid small marks that are difficult to make out, unless they change the sound of the character in a very obvious way. Hence, use ज़, but not फ़.

    Ubuntu You can also consult an online English to Hindi Dictionary at .

A growing glossary of terms is being built by the community, which can be found here. This will help clear up confusion regarding translations for technical terms which may not have easy equivalents in Hindi.

Feel Free to email to for any doubts or suggestions.

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