Sarah Hobbs (Hobbsee)


IRC: Hobbsee

Email: hobbseeATkubuntuDOTorg or hobbseeATubuntuDOTcom

I'm a university student in Sydney, Australia, doing a Bachelor of Technology in Optoelectronics. I've been using linux since june 2005, first Ubuntu, and then discovering Kubuntu.

I went for membership in January, and got elected to the Kubuntu Community council when it was created.

Lists of packages

Syncs: (some of them, there were more that i requested that were filed by MOTUs)

Other Contributions

  • Various contributions to the forum - see http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?find=lastposter&t=115460

  • I'm often on irc.freenode.net, helping out in #kubuntu, #ubuntu, #ubuntu+1, #kubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-motu, and sometimes #ubuntu-devel. I'm using causing havoc in #ubuntu-offtopic. Big Grin :) I have ops in most of these channels, and am part of the ubuntu-irc team

  • I'm on the ubuntu-qa team, and have most of the kde bugs on launchpad emailed to me, which is nice for knowing what's going on.
  • Various wiki page updates, including:





Where to in the future?

  • Stay on the Kubuntu Community Council
  • Become a MOTU. DONE
  • Likely become a Core Dev.
  • Organise kubuntu, finding tasks for people to do, no matter what their level of expertise. Some of this is still to be announced.
  • Keep updating the KDE universe (and main, where applicable)
  • Keep fixing bugs, particularly in kubuntu. Make sure that the important bugs get fixed promptly, particularly if there's an upstream patch for it, and only requires bits of tweaking to put it in.
  • Help out on the spec about people participating in ubuntu developer conferences without being physically present.

(current status: information in my brain, but not on paper. How do you assign yourself to a spec?) https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/non-physical-participation-at-conferences


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