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'''Email:''' hobbsee@gmail.com '''Email:''' hobbseeATkubuntuDOTorg or hobbseeATubuntuDOTcom

Sarah Hobbs (Hobbsee)


IRC: Hobbsee

Email: hobbseeATkubuntuDOTorg or hobbseeATubuntuDOTcom

I'm a university student in Sydney, Australia, doing a Bachelor of Technology in Optoelectronics. I've been using linux since june 2005, first Ubuntu, and then discovering Kubuntu.

I went for membership in January, and got elected to the Kubuntu Community council when it was created.

Lists of packages

Syncs: (some of them, there were more that i requested that were filed by MOTUs)

Other Contributions

  • Various contributions to the forum - see http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?find=lastposter&t=115460

  • I'm often on irc.freenode.net, helping out in #kubuntu, #ubuntu, #ubuntu+1, #kubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-motu, and sometimes #ubuntu-devel. I'm using causing havoc in #ubuntu-offtopic. Big Grin :) I have ops in most of these channels.

  • I'm on the ubuntu-qa team, and have most of the kde bugs on launchpad emailed to me, which is nice for knowing what's going on.
  • Various wiki page updates, including:





Where to in the future?

I hope to:

  • contribute more in packaging, particularly in the area of KDE apps.
  • Help others learn to package as well.
  • Continue to be around to help people in IRC, especially on #kubuntu
  • Make kubuntu a lot better!
  • Maybe take over the world too. If i have time.

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