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12:34 <sivang> maybe you could just help me fix the bugs, continue adopting the new GUI etc? I don't thin it's too complicated. Have a 
               look at the code, I'm sure you've already done things much more complex then that :-)
12:34 <giftnudel> I did look at the code and it is not that complicated, just a lot of things that I haven't done yet
12:35 <giftnudel> what do you mean about the GUI?
12:42 <sivang> so the first thing i opted to do, before even fixing bugs,
12:42 <sivang> is to completely switch to the new GUI designed in Paris.
12:42 <sivang> you can see the set of dialogs on the specification page.
12:43 <giftnudel> yes
12:44 <sivang> if you install and run edgy huabckup
12:44 <sivang> ,
12:44 <sivang> you'll see that some of this is already integrated.
12:45 <sivang> basically, I want to have all this new workflow + UI integrated as first goal.
12:45 <sivang> this will already take care of lots of bugs about target locatoin, and some other stuff.
12:46 <sivang> after that is done, we can continue fixing bugs (there lots reported nad stuff I Know won't work and unreported) and work 
               on the desktop notification infrastructure.
12:46 <sivang> (see spec)
12:46 <sivang> how does that sound?
12:46 <sivang> If you want a small task,
12:46 <sivang> I want to have some from of support in python to detect amount of free space on multi session cdroms
12:47 <sivang> this is very important, for the part of hubackup that tells you to redo your complete backp, when the differential backup 
               CD has been filled up.
12:47 <sivang> the workflow is as follows:
12:47 <sivang> 1) you start by creating a 'master' set - this is the complete backup set.
12:48 <sivang> 2) over time and changes, you save 'changes' set to a multisession CD/DVD media
12:48 <sivang> 3) when this media is filled, you'd be better starting a complete backup again, replacing the previously prepared master 

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