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  • Hubuntu is a major contributor to the Spanish-speakers Ubuntu community. He has worked hard to strengthen relations between the Spanish-speaking LoCo Teams. He is actively involved in community projects such as the creation of (a great site of Spanish documentation for all the community), the Spanish translation of Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, and organizing LoCos Team members. He has been an important member in the project to create a large Spanish-speakers community integrated by all the LoCo teams, avoiding duplicate work in our communities, and strengthening the relationship and good communication between them. Also, he actually works on the integration of the different Spanish sites, finding to improve the experience of the user, that actually has a different login for launchpad,, and their specific Local Team web site. kelp

  • Ruben has contributed tremendously to the Spanish speaking Ubuntu community, and is long over due as an Ubuntu Member. He has my full support Smile :) MartinAlbisetti

  • Ruben has rapidly taken a leading role in re-organizing many crucial resources, most notably He's also been very insistent on banding together several Hispanic LoCos into better collaboration. I fully support his membership. - FabianRodriguez

  • Ruben does a superb job with Spanish translation of the UWN. He also keeps us up to date on great events, like FLISOL. - NickAli

  • I am alex, this is cool!!! - Alex - member of Ubuntu-ec

  • Ruben has been contributing to the Norwegian LoCo team by taking part in organizing install-parties, distributing cd's and stickers, and encouraging activities within the LoCo. He has definitely been a resource to help our small team grow in numbers. -KarianneFogHeen

  • Ruben is an active contributor in the Spanish speaking Ubuntu community, and the closer relationship between the different LoCo teams, is actively involved in several projects, documentation, translations, talks, Ubuntu-ec .....etc, etc. - Meisok

  • Ruben has been the vital leader to the SpreadUbuntu project for over a year. Even though I do most of the coding and actual work, our project would not succeed with me alone. He is always quick to respond when I need his input on a problem. He does a great job promoting the project, and knows the right offical people to contact. Evan Boldt edb82189

  • Ruben helped kickstarting the icelandic LoCo team and for that I thank him. He's a true beliver in the ubuntu spirit. Ruben get's my full support! - Gardar


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