Evan Boldt

Email: <alitabuger7 AT gmail DOT com> Ubuntu Email: <echowarp AT ubuntu DOT com>

Old Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~edb82189

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~echowarp

IRC: AliTabuger7 or EchoWarp

Website: http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/


About Me

My hobbies are web development and exploring Ubuntu Linux. I enjoy the flexibility of using Ubuntu on a daily basis. I use it for many things, but mainly to help me develop websites like neomenlo.org and spreadubuntu, which is currently located at http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/. I also like making short scripts that automate my daily routines.


  • I have been working on SpreadUbuntu for the last year, doing nearly all of the work, and gladly donating my time to do it. It's been a lot of fun, and will continue to be for the years to come.

  • Since I essentially created SpreadUbuntu, I have helped tens of thousands of people spread ubuntu to an unknown, but large number of people.

  • I keep a couple Ubuntu posters on my dorm door, and frequently get asked about Ubuntu is by its readers. I gladly answer their questions and give them a CD.
    • I have personally installed Ubuntu on 9 friends' computers, and recommended it to at least 30.
  • I worked heavily on the new Ubuntu-Drupal theme, which will be used by many LoCo's once 10.04 will be released with the new Ubuntu branding.

  • I've Helped others on the Ubuntu forums. I have an RSS widget that I routinely look at and jump on problems that I can answer.
    • I have answered approximately 100 questions over the years.
  • I run a blog http://echowarp.neomenlo.org/ where I post ideas that I come up with, and short scripts that I write.

  • I routinely do a lot of voting on Ubuntu Brainstorm. I know it isn't really helpful since it's asking, and not doing, but it's fun and I like to give my input on how to make Ubuntu even better.
  • I have uploaded over 1.5 TB of the Ubuntu image torrents.


  • Create a spreadubuntu website that finally earns the "spreadubuntu.com" domain
    • Nearing completion
  • Overhaul SpreadUbuntu with the new Ubuntu branding, and new layouts.

  • Add great new components to SpreadUbuntu, like LoCo centralization.

  • Taking C++ classes and will hopefully be able to contribute code to Ubuntu or its many applications in the future.
  • Learn python to make fun scripts
    • I have made a cool little window that displays how much time is left in my day as a progress bar, then notifies me when it's time to go to bed.


  • Evan is, by far, the man behind the SpreadUbuntu site. He is really committed to the principles of Free Software and Ubuntu. Our shared vision on the necessity to advance the awareness of Free Software through proper use of marketing has guided us to create, with help from a whole lot of people, the SpreadUbuntu site. A feature that the Ubuntu marketing team has had as a plan for years and just now has become a reality! I totally support Evan becoming an Ubuntu member and recognizing his hard work over time that helps our global community to reach the goal of closing Ubuntu's bug #1 - huayra

  • He has been a wonderful help at any time I've needed assistance with working on promotional materials for Ubuntu. Very open to any suggestions I've implied for the SpreadUbuntu project, and has made quite some distance with the SpreadUbuntu project already. Overall he has been very helpful and resourceful. - takyoji


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