About me

My name is Javier F. Garrido, aka meisok, I'm 31 years old and live in Vigo (Spain), and although I do not dedicate professionally, I love the computer and everything on the free movement of soft and his philosophy as altruistic. Using Ubuntu operating system as usual daily from doing something more than two years, and this time I have made known in my environment (friends, coworkers, family ...), installation when I requested, and supporting selfless these people in order to help them change and that his experience with Ubuntu be as rewarding as possible.

Contact me

Email: <meisok AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>


IRC: meisok en el servidor


I'm administrator of Ubuntu-es since February 2007,during this time, I was responsible for contacts with other spanish LoCo Teams, create the necessary artwork..etc

*Themes icons and logos for and, icons for our Teams in Launchpad.http://ubuntu-es.org

*Ubuntu-es-menu for firefox

*Creation and coordination of project #cupie alongside fetova (

*Representation of Ubuntu-es, in talks and contacts between LoCo Hispanics to join forces.

*OP channel in #ubuntu-es-web, #ubuntu-es-mod, #cupie ... etc.

* Design and implementation of the project "ubuntu-es-bot" together with jpatrick.

In the future...

I would like to consolidate several of the projects launched in ubuntu-es (Ubuntu-es-bot, #C.U.P.I.E., etc.), also participate in the closer ties among different spanish LoCo Teams, to create a scene of more comprehensive and effective collaboration. I will continue to be responsible for maintaining improvement and development of the extension for Firefox (ubuntu-es-menu). And of course help further improve Web services and

Suport for membership

  • I work with Javier on ubuntu-es LoCo team, and I can say that he is a great co-worker, and he has been one of the most important person on the reorganization and cooperation of the spanish LoCo teams, as he was responsible for organizing people, organizing meetings with all the LoCos to take decisions about the spanish documentation, spanish help for LoCo teams and much more. He has also done a great job creating the current theme of Ubuntu-es and doc.ubuntu-es, and promoting the #cupie project (similar to #ubuntu-classroom, but in spanish). kelp

  • I can only praise Javier! He helped actively in what was the foundation of Ubuntu Ecuador LoCo Team helping us with the set-up (Launchpad and the Drupal setup in our site). He has also been a key figure in the cooperation movement arising within the Spanish LoCos and the "founder" of the Spanish speaking contact members collaboration group. His motivation, applied set of skills towards concrete activities and his always welcoming and helping spirit can only be rewarded with membership. We need more people like Meisok. huayra

  • I work with meisok on the #cupie project and I just can say it's a great worker, he makes a lot of things mentioned above, and be a fundamental part of the Ubuntu Community as I can see, I'm glad for seeing he apply for the membership, I think he won it since long time ago Smile :) FedericoTorres

  • I have contacts with Meisok because among many other things he is hard working on a new and better version of the Ubuntu-es Firefox extension menu. A very useful utility for all hispanic users. Volans

  • Javier has been working consistently in the community for as long as I can remember, and has achieved most of the ideas that he set out to accomplish. He's one of the main drivers behind many projects in the Spanish speaking community, and I believe his membership is long overdue. MartinAlbisetti

  • Meisok has been working very hard in the community and he is behind many projects (#cupie, ubuntu-es-locos), I think he won his Ubuntu membership long time ago Smile :) Great Work Meisok!!. mayeco


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