About me

My name is Hugo Franco. I'm PhD by the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid, Spain, and Computer Systems Engineer by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. I've born in Bogota, Colombia, in November 11th, 1975.

Personal Objectives

I'm joining Ubuntu-CO Team because I strongly believe that the future of the ITs in developing countries (such as Colombia) is tightly related to the insertion, diffusion and spreading of Open Source applications and methodologies, especially those related to free access to the application's source code, free licensing of highly complex OSes, cooperative code development and application support, in order to carry out a real and effective technology transference to the country as a whole, not tied to particular interests of specific companies.

Here, I hope to share all the information available on the installation, configuration, administration and use of Linux OS and, specifically, Ubuntu, according to my experience as user and, sometimes, developer and system administrator.


* A workshop for the "Software Freedom Day" Bogota (Colombia) on GTKMM-based GUI development for OpenSource Application Development (in Spanish)

* I'm also developing at least two open source modular applications (frameworks) for Digital Image and Video Analysis, related to my PhD work. I expect to publish during next months.

Vision about Ubuntu Colombia

Ubuntu Colombia should become a strong and active community, focused both in contributing to the Ubuntu Project and in the spread of the Ubuntu Linux Distribution in our country. This last task involves an intensive work of publicity and education of potential users by the organization and participation in events related to Information Technologies. One front that requires special attention is the popularization in schools and universities.




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