IRC Community Governance Codification

The Ubuntu IRC channels represent many people's first meeting with Ubuntu and are a core resource for support and social interactions, and as such have become one of the most important sub-projects within Ubuntu. The Ubuntu community is the largest community on freenode and one of the largest IRC communities in the world.

This document aims to:

Team Councils

For active teams and sub-projects within Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Community Council delegates many of its responsibilities to "Team Councils". These councils act as proxies for the Community Council over a particular team or scope of activity within the Ubuntu community. These governance councils are ultimately responsible for the actions and activity within their team or scope and resolve disputes and manage policies and procedures internal to their team, and frequently appoint Ubuntu members on behalf of the CC.

The Ubuntu IRC Council (''IRCC'') is the team governance council for the the Ubuntu IRC channels on the freenode network.

IRC Council Charter

The IRC Council is the group that is ultimately responsible for the governing the IRC channels and interfacing between IRC and the rest of the Ubuntu community and governance systems.

Other provisions:

The IRC Council would have a number of rights and responsibilities, and be ultimately responsible for the smooth operation of the IRC channels. These include:

Appointment Process

Elections of new IRC Council members will be held in the following way:

Ubuntu Membership Through IRC Contributions

IRC operators will be appointed by the IRC Council. IRC operators are expected to uphold and set an example that is consistent with the Code of Conduct. IRC operators can have their operator status removed by the IRC council if they do not set such an example or do not follow the operator guidelines

IRC operators and participants have the option to become Ubuntu members if they contribute to the IRC community for a significant amount of time. This will be achieved by a process for membership set up by the IRC Council in conjunction with the Community Council.

Dispute Resolution

The IRC Council will be responsible for maintaining IRC guidelines and systems for internal conflict resolution.

Additionally, they should provide a documented method whereby any disagreements or conflicts between operators can request a hearing by the IRC Council.

In extreme situations, users and operators who feel that they have not been given a fair hearing by the IRC Council can appeal a decision to the CC.

Any deadlock within the IRC Council can be referred to the Community Council for resolution.

Interaction between Ubuntu and freenode

The IRC Council is the primary point of contact between the Ubuntu community and the freenode staff. This means that the council can approve cloaks, take action to fix channel ownership/access issues, request channel limit exceptions and other administrative items. They also should take care that they maintain a good relationship with freenode staff.


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