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Currently no scheduled meeting. You can join #ubuntu-irc if you wish to discuss something.

Nobody is perfect, not even the operators. In case of problems between users or between users and operators, the other operators and the IRC council can mediate. If you think you have been treated wrongly, please follow these steps until you are satisfied with the solution to this dispute.

  1. Be calm, no caps or swearing. Seriously. If you feel the need to shout at someone or to swear, please take 5 minutes out before doing anything. Nobody will feel like helping you if you are swearing and shouting.
  2. PM the operator who took action, mistakes can be made by both sides and short, calm, polite conversations can quickly solve problems and clear the air.
  3. If the previous step has failed then feel free to join #ubuntu-ops. Another operator might be able to resolve the problem.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the discussion in #ubuntu-ops, you can either join #ubuntu-irc-council to speak with members of the IRC council, or send an e-mail to <irc-council AT SPAMFREE lists DOT ubuntu DOT com>, explaining the situation. The IRC council will try and solve the problem.

  5. Your last port of call is the Community Council at <community-council AT SPAMFREE lists DOT ubuntu DOT com>

The following documents also are a good read if you want to appeal a decision by an operator:


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