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Currently no scheduled meeting. You can join #ubuntu-irc if you wish to discuss something.

IRC Team

The Ubuntu IRC Team is responsible for keeping the main Ubuntu and derivatives Internet Relay Chat channels a nice place to be in.

At our launchpad page you will find a list of our members and also a public mailing list where issues related to the Ubuntu IRC channels are discussed, while another page has information about the IRC Council members.


Some core channels are directly managed by the IRC Team, although there are many other official channels that are managed by teams more closely related to the channels' scope.

All official channels, however, are coordinated with the help of the IRC Council, which also acts as a governance organism for the IRC Team itself.

On channels that fall under the scope of the IRC Team, we ask everyone to adhere to the User Guidelines. Channel operators, on the other hand, will always keep the Operator Guidelines in mind, in an attempt to run the channels smoothly and fairly.

Conflicts do occur, however, and if you feel you have been treated unjustly by the IRC Team, you can follow our dispute resolution processes to hopefully settle any issues that have arisen.

For Users

General Ubuntu support is offered on a voluntary basis by everyone in #ubuntu. Sometimes, you will be pointed to more specific channels that deal with more specific issues.

You can contact the IRC Team in real time in the channel #ubuntu-irc to report channel problems that hinder your ability to seek or provide support, or for other inquiries that can be best dealt by means of interactive discussion.

For serious channel emergencies that require our immediate attention (and for such issues only), you can say « !ops » in the channel to alert us.

To enhance cohesion among the Ubuntu IRC community, we offer hostname cloaks to Ubuntu Members who wish to request them.

We also run ubottu, an expert system ("infobot") that provides many useful bits of information about Ubuntu, and that you can also contribute to.

For Operators

We are able to provide assistance to operators of Ubuntu channels.

In terms of community resources, members of the IRC Team, who are trusted operators on many of the core Ubuntu channels, form a "pool" we hope you can profitably draw from when your channel is in need of more operators.

In terms or network management, the IRC Council acts as the reference point for channels coordination, and we are available to resolve or assist with any channel-related trouble you may experience.

Our work

While our work consists mainly of day-to-day interaction and troubleshooting on IRC, we do produce some official documents that are of relevance to Ubuntu IRC users at large.

Our IRC guidelines for users and for operators, implemented for IRC in the spirit of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, apply to channels directly managed by the IRC Team, while the guidelines for channels coordination are intended to provide a general line for smooth operation and cooperation in all Ubuntu channels.

Channel naming conventions are in place to help organize the channels in a systematic and rational way, and a help document is available with recommendations on how to rename/redirect channels.

A reference document is available about creating new channels, which you are strongly encouraged to check if planning to found a new Ubuntu channel.

The IRC Council holds meetings in #ubuntu-meeting when important issues need to be discussed. Official logs of the meetings are available, as is the agenda for the next meeting. Our team reports provide summaries of core decisions taken by the IRC Team and Council.

Meet us

You can reach us in several ways, each ideally best serving a specific need:

  • #ubuntu-irc is the IRC channel all Ubuntu operators are invited to use for "inter-channel" communication, and where we are reachable to everyone in real time

  • #ubuntu-ops is a channel dedicated to emergency communication and solving disputes between users and operators of channels directly managed by the IRC Team

  • the team's mailing list is used by the IRC Team for proposals and information that may be of interest to all Ubuntu IRC operators

  • the IRC Council address is available for e-mail inquiries also when confidentiality is desired

  • finally, everyone is of course free to contact us on IRC singularly, although one of the above contact points is most likely a better route to take


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