The Ubuntu IRC channels, alongside the Ubuntu Forums, are part of the main Ubuntu support channels. They provide real-time support and advice, classes and meetings are held, and people kick back in the various -offtopic channels to relax and talk Ubuntu--the IRC sphere is quintessential to the success and development of Ubuntu as an operating system and community.

The scope of this document is to identify what an active IRC contributor is and how activity in the IRC channels can lead to Ubuntu Membership.

IRC Specific Contributions

Ubuntu membership generally recognises significant and sustained contributions to Ubuntu. An active IRC contributor is held to the same standards, but the main focus of activity is expected to be in the Ubuntu IRC community. Some examples of possible types of IRC contributions include:

  • Helpful activity in the support channels
  • Good work as an operator - catalysing, taking time to talk to people, adherence to the operator guidelines

  • Catalysing as a non-operator - see this link for more details on how to be a catalyst

  • High quality infobot factoid suggestions and corrections of obsolete factoids
  • Encouraging good culture and behaviour in the Ubuntu namespace channels
  • Adherence to the Ubuntu IRC Guidelines

  • Active contributions to Ubuntu IRC tools - bots, scripts etc

Remember, these are only a few possible types of contributions. There are many additional methods of contributing to the Ubuntu IRC community (which includes all channels in the Ubuntu project namespace, not just core channels).

Preparing your application

The application itself is very similar to what you would do if you were to apply for membership through a Regional Membership Board. You will want to follow the general procedure, but you will want to make sure that your wiki page and testimonials focus on your IRC contributions. If your contributions are more spread out among the different parts of the community, you should apply for membership through a Regional Membership Board instead. Once your wiki page is ready, send an email to the IRC mailing list announcing your application for membership; make sure a link to your Wiki page is provided.

Benefits of membership

In addition to all of the benefits granted by normal Ubuntu Membership, you also gain the privilege of voting in various polls of the Ubuntu IRC community by becoming a member of the ~ubuntu-irc-members team on Launchpad. This includes voting for members of the Ubuntu IRC Council.


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