When an IRC channel's name must be changed, there are procedures that can ease the transition and automatically redirect users to the new channel.

These instructions assume that #oldchannel needs to be closed, and moved to #newchannel.

If you have any questions, please join the channel #ubuntu-irc for further assistance.

Register the new channel

If you haven't already, you'll need to register the new channel first:

/JOIN #newchannel
/MSG ChanServ REGISTER #newchannel

and optionally

/MSG ChanServ SET #newchannel GUARD ON

to let ChanServ always sit in the channel.

Please keep the Channel name policies in mind when creating new Ubuntu channels.


To forward the old channel, you must be opped and have the +s chanserv flag in both channels.

  • i.e. if you type /msg nickserv listchans you should see:

11:28:16 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- Access flag(s) +...os... in #oldchannel
11:28:16 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- Access flag(s) +...os... in #newchannel


/MSG ChanServ op #oldchannel
/MSG ChanServ op #newchannel
/TOPIC #oldchannel We have moved to #newchannel, please type /join #newchannel to get to us
/MSG ChanServ SET #oldchannel GUARD ON
/MSG ChanServ SET #oldchannel MLOCK +tnsmif #newchannel
/MSG ChanServ SET #oldchannel TOPICLOCK ON
/MSG ChanServ SET #oldchannel PRIVATE ON

Access Lists

The access list (the list of operators) must be re-created on #newchannel.

The access list of #oldchannel can be viewed with

/MSG ChanServ ACCESS #oldchannel LIST

Operators can then be added to #newchannel with

/MSG ChanServ FLAGS #newchannel <Account/Mask> <Flags>

where <Account/Mask> and <Flags> are the ones shown in the list.

It is highly recommended that libera staff are added to the access list:

/MSG ChanServ FLAGS #newchannel *!*@libera/staff/* +votiA

It is also recommended that the IRC Council are added to the access list:

/MSG ChanServ FLAGS #newchannel UbuntuIRCCouncil +votiA


If any bots were present in #oldchannel, you should contact the bot owners to notify them of the channel name change.

As a temporary stop-gap measure, however, you can try to kick the bots using the command

/KICK #oldchannel <BotNickName>

after the previous steps have been completely. It is then possible, though not guaranteed, that the bot will join the new channel.

Remember that you should still contact the bot owner in any case!


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