IRC Council Meeting June 12, 2010 20:00 UTC

Attendance: topyli, nhandler, Pici, jussi, tsimpson

  • Agreed to accept the current draft of the Operator Guide for use
    • The Guide is a live document that we can append as necessary. A section is needed on when and how to escalate issues
    • ACTION: received: nhandler to move the draft to the appropriate place on the wiki and add a !opguide factoid to channels
  • Reviewed status of Bug #513915 - IRC Clients join Ubuntu channels by default in Guadalinex
    • Terence has commented on the bug, asking what progress has been made. Replies indicate progress
    • Waiting for closure.

IRC Council Meeting June 27, 2010 18:00 UTC

Attendance: jussi, tsimpson, topyli

  • No agenda items
    • tsimpson brought up the discussion of dual cloaks but we decided to wait for attendance of nhandler (freenode staffer).
    • No new bugs.

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