IRC Council meeting 2011-03-12 (Full log)

Attendance: nhandler, topyli, tsimpson

  • Review last meetings action items
    • ubottu is not too chatty when referencing bugs, leaving the feature enabled
    • [ACTION] jussi to document thoughts on namespace limits
    • 2 bugs resolved
  • Add eir to #ubuntu
    • Still need to study arguments against channel notices in -ops. [ACTION] Ops need to provide these.
    • some technical issues remain
  • Review #ubuntu-ops-team
    • Agreed to keep -ops-team, seems to be working so far
    • Agreed to review -ops-team monthly, for an unspecified while until we are confindent it works as intended
  • [ACTION] topyli to do post-meeting tasks

IRC Council meeting 2011-03-27 (Full log)

Attendance: tsimpson, topyli, jussi

  • No new bugs
  • Review last meetings action items:
    • Review "jussi to document thoughts on namespace limits" at next meeting
    • Add eir to #ubuntu:
      • Agreed: eir to be added to #ubuntu once ubottu interoperates with it
      • Agreed: eir should send notices to #ubuntu-ops-team
      • Action: progress review for ubottu-eir interoperability at the next meeting
  • No new agenda items
  • Other business:
    • Ideas for UDS
      • Action: tsimpson to set up a wiki page to collect ideas and post to ubuntu-irc@ requesting ideas
    • #ubuntu-helpteam unused
      • Action: jussi to get staff to drop #ubuntu-helpteam
    • Dropping unused and off-topic channels
      • Action: IRCC to drop unused and off-topic channels, and contact other channels with freenode-staff as founder

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