Meeting summary

IRC Council meeting 2011-11-27 - No quorum

  • Review Bugs
    • New bugs:
      • Launchpad bug 884671 in ubuntu-community "Ubuntu IRC operator recruitment is slow and ungainly" [Undecided,New]

        • Policy change and needs a vote.
        • topyli to email IRCC list for votes on this.
      • Launchpad bug 887544 in ubuntu-community "No measurable data on ban resolving process in #ubuntu-ops" [Undecided,New]

        • Long-standing item.
        • Carried forward
      • Launchpad bug 892501 in ubuntu-community "Floodbots - need a re-write to be under ubuntu operator team control" [Undecided,New]

        • Having such powers invested in proprietary bots controlled by a single person is not ideal.
        • Ljl and full council need to be present to proceed.
      • Launchpad bug 892500 in ubuntu-community "eir is still not fit for purpose in #ubuntu" [Undecided,New]

        • Some mixed views, tweak it until it works better.
    • Existing bugs:
  • Review Last Meeting Action Items
    • #lubuntu ops stuff
      • topyli to draft ops call, jussi to review.
    • IRC guidelines review
      • In progress, needs help.
  • Any Other Business
    • Change eir default behavior
      • Carried forward.
    • Clarification of IRCC appointment process
      • Jussi to clarify and send mail

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