About Me

I started tinkering with Ubuntu on an ancient AMD desktop back when I still had to compile my own copy of Mplayer with a Terminator theme - awesome! Since then I've played with it in my spare time, worked for Canonical for 2 years and been professionally involved in 5 releases.

I am in constant love with technology, take lots and lots of pictures and if you've not spoken to me about Motorcycles then you've not spoken to me Smile :)


Contact Information


- Contributed to 9.04 as community member filing bug reports, notes on linlap wiki for HP models of laptop

- Contributed to releases 9.10 - 11.10 as member of Canonical Design and comms team, filing, triaging and advocating use of Ubuntu

- Ran sessions at UDS around artwork and design from 2009 - 2011

- Ran the desktop photo wallpaper contests on Flickr working in conjunction with community team from 10.04 onwards

- Worked closely with Dalton Maag in creation of Ubuntu Font

- Managed Ubuntu Font event held at London's Design Museum

- Liaised with wider promotional community like OMG!Ubuntu and encouraged their contribution to the Ubuntu community

Future Goals

I am leaving Canonical in November 2011 but want to continue to contribute by: - Continuing to run wallpaper contest

- Curate photo wallpaper packs in conjunction with other photo sharing websites - already have commitment from 500px.com

- Get more involved in the excellent DarkTable project - http://darktable.sourceforge.net/


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

  • - Iain has been an excellent liaison between the Canonical design team and the Ubuntu Community, in particular the artwork community. He is active on the Ubuntu artwork mailing list, is quick to reply to questions asked on the list and has been effective in running the wallpaper contests each cycle. All the pretty wallpapers we have each cycle would not have been there if Iain did not take the pains to co-ordinate the massive effort with the community. He has always been easy to approach and has helped me co-ordinate and manage the Papercuts Project. My only grievance would be that I haven't seen a video show-casing his stand-up comedy skills. But, definitely a +1 for an Ubuntu membership. -- vish

    - The main thing I have to say is how approachable Iain is. He is really active in the community and always makes time when ever you have anything to chat about. The wallpaper contest recently has seen some great submissions and going down through all of them is a lot of work and Iain as a talented photographer himself to look down through them has been awesome. He is awesome and has contributed a lot and im sure he wont be a stranger when he leaves in november Smile :) -- shanepatrickfagan

    - I don't know a single person who doesn't enjoy working with Iain. He's a friendly, approachable, easy-going, kind of guy and he always has a smile on his face. He's always been available to help me sort things out and does it rather quickly as well. It definitely won't be the same to visit Millbank without seeing Iain, but if we can keep him involved in the community I'd say we're lucky to have him Smile :) -- daniel-p-fore

    - Iain is pretty much the person who's kept me sane when I'm grumpy with Canonical. He's a great chap, extremely approachable and understanding, and a complete Ubuntu fanatic. He has great ideas for the operating system, and it's sad that he's leaving Canonical, but I'd love to have him on board as an Ubuntu member and I'm 110% confident he'll follow through with his plans post-Canonical. Good luck for the future Iain! -- humphreybc

    - The first time I met Iain we were in Dallas for the UDS, and after chatting a little with him I thought "wow, this new project manager is very smart!". He's just great in everything he does and he's cheerful, always friendly and kind. Highly recommended for the membership! -- xdatap1

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