Just a guy who's too lazy to maintain an up-to-date wiki page.

Here's some static information.

Born in 1986, I spent 19 years in Cambridgeshire, England before flying the nest and moving a little way north to the wonderful city of Nottingham. Here I studied at the university and obtained a degree in Computer Science. At the end of this, I decided that I hadn't suffered enough and embarked on a PhD course. I'm working in the area of Functional Programming and Type Theory.

In the Ubuntu world, I started using in around 2006ish, when I built a new machine and decided that Vista wasn't going to get anywhere near it. I first started contributing 2008, with an upload sponsored by dtchen. I became a MOTU in February 2009 — if memory serves then it was actually St. Valentine's day, how fitting. :).

These days I contribute mainly in Debian. I'm in the pkg-mono/pkg-cli-apps/pkg-cli-libs team, working on Mono and related applications/libraries. I'm also in pkg-haskell, working on Haskell libraries and applications (related to my day work). I believe very strongly that the absolute best way to contribute to Ubuntu is to contribute to Debian. Packaging teams are amazing: groups of people with specialist knowledge about their domain. Join one. Cherish it, nurture it and we will all have better packages and ultimately a better quality distribution. Debian is where the best minds work. Ubuntu is just the icing on the cake. Smile :)

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