I'm running for re-election to the DMB. I've been a member of the DMB for the past two years. In this time we've made some progress towards streamlining the application procedure for prospective Ubuntu developers. I've become particularly keen on defining lightweight procedures for amending upload rights, and I'd like to see how we can extend this further.

The DMB sometimes takes decisions that aren't universally popular. I think we have a responsibility in these cases to explain ourselves and account for our decisions. We should ensure we

  • Sumamrise the reasons any candidates are not accepted on a public mailing list
  • Provide the candidate, in private, with detailed feedback on their application if it is not successful so that they can return another time and
  • Make ourselves available for informal enquiries if people want to ask us any question about the developer application process

It's quite key that we retain the support of the Ubuntu developer community, and I am keen to see that the DMB does all it can to achieve this while executing its important functions.

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