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{de} My name is Ibrahim-Ben Faruhn. In 1987 I was born in Berlin and still live here. My Linux-Career started as we had to move because the old house in which we lived had to be reconditioned - somewhere in 1998. I think I started with easy Linux 2.2 Home-Edition and my first experience was - at this time - not the best. But I kept on trying my best on Linux... Then, in year 2003, I noticed Debian - 2004 I tried it (sarge) and of course had a good time. While surfing the Internet and looking for an alternative, but Debian-Based Linux-System I found Ubuntu. At first glance, it looked good to me! At second glance, I realized that there is no root-user! At third glance I got used to this. Every glance was a new install-procedure, but now I'm happy and willing to distribute Ubuntu on CDs... write to me, if you need one!

Any Questions?

P.S.: I'm still not a Linux-Professional, but I'm on a good way to become one... (Forums and Communities are the biggest helpers on that!)

CDs available from me



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You need Ubuntu-CDs? Write an E-Mail with subject "Ubuntu-CDs". You should say, which CDs you need (Ubuntu, Kubuntu) and how much. Then I will contact you to talk to you about the deal: how and where to give them to you...


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