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What is the Ubuntu Idaho LoCo All About?

The Idaho Ubuntu Local Community (LoCo) Team is primarily a group of people who are enthusiasts of Ubuntu Linux, and secondarily advocate all flavors of Linux and Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), and the Ubuntu philosophy at large.

We endeavor to work with LUG's and other community groups to pool our resources, to help reach our goals of advocacy, education and community building. We require that all Ubuntu Idaho members follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Team Resource Summary

Mailing list:
IRC (Freenode): #ubuntu-us-id
Team Forums:

Meetings: last Tuesday, of every month, 6:30 - 7:30 at the Open Lab Idaho, 108 West 33rd Street Garden City, ID 83714.


There are a lot of options for getting involved with the Idaho Ubuntu LoCo.

  1. Subscribe to the official email distribution list.

  2. Chat with other members in the IRC channel, ubuntu-us-id.

  3. Attend a meeting, see the meetings page for more info.

  4. Post to the Forums (link above).
  5. Become an official member of the team through by signing the membership page. through - visit the getting started page for more information.

If you are an Idaho Ubuntu and/or Linux user, or are just interested in supporting and learning about our community, please join us as a member. If you have questions about the team, feel free to contact one of our team contacts by sending email to Thank you for your interest.

Meetings and Activities

Meetings: last Tuesday, of every month, 6:30 - 7:30 at the Open Lab Idaho, 108 West 33rd Street Garden City, ID 83714.

Team reports and meeting notes can be found on our meetings page. Meetings and events are posted on our group Calendar.

Interested in a particular topic? Have some knowledge in an area you would like to share? Check out the Topics page to add an idea. If you would like to offer to present a topic at a future meeting you can send mail to and/or add an agenda item on the meetings page.

Interested in getting involved? Find more information about how you can help out on the Pioneers page. Yeah, we had some trouble coming up with a name for that one.

Team Goals

Our consistent goals are, as stated in the introduction above:

  • advocate Ubuntu Linux, education and community
  • practice the Ubuntu Philosophy in all our endeavors

Our current team goals include:

  • as a new LoCo team, we need to build our membership

  • while identifying and encouraging members who are able to participate in team leadership roles
  • build community within our team
  • establish our web presence
  • work towards becoming an Approved Ubuntu LoCo Team

Please visit IRC #ubuntu-us-id or send email to the Ubuntu distribution list to find out how you can help build the Team Wiki.


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