IRC Logs From May 23, 2010

17:00 < itnet7> First off! Thanks everyone that could make it for showing up. I want to be sure that everyone is aware that since there is no LoCo Bot present here, that I will refer to my irssi irclogs, and plan to post the logs here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IdahoTeam/Meetings/2010May23
17:00 < itnet7> Is that okay with everyone?
17:00 < rihanha> sure, thanks
17:00 < mattatk_> Yeah, that works
17:01 -!- Irssi: #ubuntu-us-id: Total of 8 nicks [2 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 6 normal]
17:01 < Gyron> yup
17:01 < itnet7> ping idahoclint vorian snuxoll 
17:02 < itnet7> Let's just give them a moment in case they are running a little behind
17:02 < Gyron> snuxoll is always in the room not always here :)
17:02 < rihanha> no prob
17:04 < itnet7> Gyron: the other day I had pinged him and he replied
17:04 < itnet7> he said that we were going to work
17:04 < itnet7> on getting the irc's consolidated
17:04 < rihanha> i think he pops in and out, but is always 'in' channel.
17:05 < itnet7> so that #ubuntu-idaho can forward to #ubuntu-us-id
17:05 < Gyron> yah he started both the channel :)
17:05 < itnet7> He probably uses irssi and screen like me
17:05 < itnet7> :-)
17:06 < itnet7> Well, if anyone else joins, we will have to get them caught up, I know that all of your time collectively is valuable
17:06 < rihanha> sounds good
17:06 < mattatk_> ok
17:06 < itnet7> I was going to ask that everyone involved due their best during this meeting to take a deep breath, and not respond to something in an angry manner.
17:07 < itnet7>  IN case someon brings up a concern that everyone doesn't agree with
17:07 < itnet7> but it shouldn't really be a problem
17:07 < rihanha> curt and i will ban each other if we get out of line. ;)
17:08 < itnet7> :-)
17:08 < itnet7> awesome :-P
17:08 < itnet7> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct  http://www.ubuntu.com/community/leadership-conduct
17:08 < rihanha> lol
17:08 < itnet7> I am sure that you have read these two links
17:08 < rihanha> so do we have an official agenda?
17:08 < mattatk_> ha, I actually managed to sign that
17:09 < itnet7> rihanha: I was going to try and guide a discussion
17:09 < itnet7> I wanted to give my recommendations and ask for feedback from all of you
17:09 < itnet7> to see if you think it's something that might help the team
17:10 < itnet7> No real official agenda per se, due to the nature of this meeting
17:10 < itnet7> Let post an idea or two and if you don't mind you can weigh in
17:10 < itnet7> s/Let /Let me/
17:11 < itnet7> We need to elect a team contact to handle the forwarding of loco-contacts mailing list to the team, this person will be the point of contact for the team, and eventually will
17:11 < itnet7> be involved in any correspondance with Canonical (When Idaho becomes an approved LoCo, Ship-it CD program comes to mind) in Launchpad this person is the Team Contact/Owner.
17:11 < itnet7> I understand that right now curt is in this position
17:11 < rihanha> i think it was curt and paul last round...
17:11 < itnet7> Yes
17:11 < Gyron> aye
17:12 < rihanha> if he could stick to ONE email address (snicker) that will still work...
17:13 < itnet7> Gyron: You have a lot of stuff going on, and Paul has also said he has similar things going on
17:13 < Gyron> I am still willing to do that role as well :)
17:13 < rihanha> just so long as its someone that both receives and responds to messages i'm good w/ any volunteer
17:13 < itnet7> The Team contact role?
17:13 < Gyron> yes
17:14 < mattatk_> I'm a bit unexperienced, and don't really know what that job would entail
17:14 < itnet7> Do you feel that you could lead as well, or do you think that you could work with idahoclint and share the leadership Role (remember respond after taking a deep breath :-))
17:15 < itnet7> Or Do you have any even better idea?
17:15 < rihanha> anyone else interested? there is also the issue of northern vs southern idaho. i'm relatively new to ID, but have found they are VERY different. couldn't hurt to have reps for each.
17:15 < rihanha> sorry, late and wordy entry..
17:15 < itnet7> rihanha: no worries
17:15 < mattatk_> I don't believe that I would be the best person suited to leading
17:15 < itnet7> it would be fine if that is how all of you agree the team should be
17:15 < rihanha> i think we could share well, provided the 'repsonsibilities' are well defined
17:16 < itnet7> mattatk_: maybe in the future! 
17:16 < mattatk_> I think I should observe how things are done first
17:16 < itnet7> I'm guessing Boise is North?
17:16 < rihanha> south actually
17:16 < Gyron> Short answer is yes i could take on the lead role. Long answer is were i spell out needing a heavy support base in doing so.
17:17 < itnet7> Gyron: cool
17:17 < rihanha> the university is up north, i think some of the interest comes from those students, but its a long way from here.
17:17 < rihanha> that's where we fell flat on round one, the early adopters all got overwhelmed at once
17:18 < mattatk_> Is anyone here associated with any Idaho universities?
17:18 < mattatk_> It does seem a natural place to plant the seeds
17:18 < Gyron> not I, ...works for HP :)
17:18 < rihanha> we're close to BSU, and have some coworkers who went, but nothing solid
17:18 < itnet7> mattatk_: idahoclint I believe is from near there
17:18 < mattatk_> I'm attending College of Idaho this fall
17:19 < rihanha> he's here in boise also
17:19 < rihanha> he heads up our LUG
17:19 < itnet7> rihanha: I am gonna have to hit google Maps
17:19 < itnet7> north south
17:19 < itnet7> gotcha
17:19 < Gyron> Boise is South Idaho :)
17:19 < mattatk_> I will see if enough people are interested in Open Source to start a club
17:19 < Gyron> well South West
17:19 < itnet7> Is there anyone for the team up in the North?
17:20 < rihanha> did know you'd get a geography lesson, eh? bonus!
17:20 < itnet7> :-)
17:20 < mattatk_> or at least a programming club, that should have enough members
17:20 < Gyron> There was one guy gimmie a sec
17:20 < rihanha> one of the first people we talked with when we got interested was a northerner, but he's been pretty quiet since...
17:21 < rihanha> he is on the members wiki i belive
17:21 < itnet7>  Darin Miller ?
17:21 < itnet7> no
17:21 < rihanha> also local, this name seems to be off the lsit now
17:22 < rihanha> i thought snuxoll may be, but not sure.
17:24 < Gyron> Stefan is local i belive
17:24 < itnet7> Gyron: If you are willing to continue on, then I think we could include idahoclint and one more team rep as the Idaho Leadership team
17:24 < itnet7> that would be 3
17:24 < itnet7> that way there is no split decisions
17:24 < rihanha> i guess we're all boise based again. well, if it comes up again.
17:24 < rihanha> sure
17:24 < Gyron> sounds good to me
17:25 < itnet7> You would still by the primary leader and team contact
17:25 < itnet7> He would have administrative rights to LP, and hopefully other stuff that he needs, and the voice he's looking for in order to help guide the team
17:26 < rihanha> the impression i get is that curt and i are good w/ the administrative stuff, but regular meetings and events are tougher w/ young kids. clint heads up the LUG and does (bimonthly?) meets. i think that is his strength
17:26 < itnet7> He can definitely host the meetings if you prefer
17:26 < itnet7> I wish he were here, he was earlier
17:27 < itnet7> I would urge all of you though to try your best regardless of the past to work together
17:27 < rihanha> that would be helpful. we could do the online presense but getting to meetings is touch and go
17:27 < itnet7> Not pointing fingers at whose to blame
17:28 < itnet7> I think that if all of you collaborate the team would become Rock Solid!
17:28 < Gyron> aye
17:28 < rihanha> we're certainly willing to give it a shot.
17:28 < itnet7> I would also ask that regardless of the past, let's move foreward (Man I wish idahoclint was here).
17:29 < Gyron> aye as do I :)
17:29 < rihanha> for anyone who wants to reach me via email, definately use the gmail address (I don't have as many as *ahem" some folks) but that will get me
17:29 < itnet7> I have no other way of contacting him unfortunately
17:30 < itnet7> Gyron: we may have to work one preferred e-mail :-P
17:30 < rihanha> we could use a few additonal 'core' members. some folks to help lighten the load and teach/share.
17:30 < itnet7> rihanha: definitely
17:30 < itnet7> I think you will get them, once events happen, etc.
17:30 < rihanha> i have one person i'll ask, curt has a second. can't hurt...
17:30 < itnet7> sure
17:31 < rihanha> we had hoped darin would take on a role, but he's more of the solid attender and full of knowledge but don't 'fence me in' types. =)
17:31 < itnet7> :-)
17:32 < rihanha> one of our biggest current obstacles is an EASY place to meet, that has reliable internet
17:32 < itnet7> rihanha: It is for all
17:32 < itnet7> we meet at Panera's
17:32 < itnet7> and Coffee shopos
17:32 < rihanha> the LUG uses the library, it works, but its a small and public spot. we tried a school room but had some network issues.
17:32 < Gyron> I have full support from ITT with enough notice :)
17:33 < itnet7> Nice Gyron !
17:33 < rihanha> BSU would likely be a good space but w/out student support i suspect they'll charge
17:33 < rihanha> open network?
17:33 < itnet7> rihanha: you can always go to the campus and put up a flyer asking for interest in Ubuntu Classes and LoCo Events
17:34 < rihanha> its a bit far, up in meridian, but would certainly work as one of several
17:34 < itnet7> at the bottom you can put contact info (Tear off Tabs) 
17:34 < itnet7> and when someone contacts you go for it!
17:34 < rihanha> i feel like a trapdoor spider. couldn't hurt.
17:35 < itnet7> Here in Florida, I have done several events at schools, and conferences, you would be surprised at how many people had been "looking for the LoCo"
17:35 < rihanha> i met one of the main profs for the cs dept, he seems pretty approachable also
17:35 < itnet7> trapdoor spiders are highly encouraged
17:35 < itnet7> :-)
17:35 < rihanha> eeeewwwww.
17:35 < itnet7> just kidding of course
17:35 < itnet7> ever since half-life 2
17:36  * itnet7 hates spiders
17:36 < rihanha> i know i had a lot more time as a student, but it was sporadic. (also not a fan of spiders!)
17:37 < rihanha> matt might get lucky and find a few good souls in school. where i went, nearly all were windows users/programmers (washington)
17:37 < Gyron> half-life spiders make me cower
17:37 < itnet7> Okay, so if we're going to try this suggestion with the team leadership, Gyron can you log into LP and grant idahoclint Administrator status
17:37 < rihanha> of course lately i've had to go that route (work enviornment), frustrating but that's a whole 'nuther vent.
17:37 < itnet7> Me too!
17:37 < itnet7> rihanha: I feel your pain
17:38 < itnet7> My family time is scarce
17:38 < Gyron> aye I can doing it now :)
17:38 < itnet7> I usually try to do Ubuntu things in the evening, (We don't have cable)
17:38 < itnet7> Thanks Gyron !!
17:39 < Gyron> neither do we just Netflix :)
17:39 < itnet7> What we can do is for now leave it to the two of you: Gyron and idahoclint 
17:39 < itnet7> and we can elect one more if someone is interested that hasn't spoken up
17:40 < rihanha> our only request is that any major changes to the public facing stuff get communicated w/ the core group members, er when we get 'em again. (after the fact is ok too)
17:40 < itnet7> rihanha: I will try to summarize this and mail it to the team
17:40 < itnet7> if 
17:40 < rihanha> i'll piggyback off gyron for now. if he slacks i'll steal his thunder. lol
17:40 < rihanha> thanks
17:40 < Gyron> lol
17:41 < itnet7> idahoclint want's to be involved with the leadership, so if that is what you wish, then he should honor it out of respect
17:41 < itnet7> I am not going anywhere, meaning I am here to help support your team!
17:42 < Gyron> he is now an admin :)
17:42 < itnet7> If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or ping me in irc anytime
17:42 < rihanha> us as well. mostly we just lost the momentum and didn't feel up to getting it going alone. glad to have someone who wants to move ahead
17:42 < itnet7> Gyron: Thanks!!
17:43 < rihanha> thanks for the assist. i guess a good next step is just getting input from clint about his vision. haven't really heard much about it yet.
17:43 < itnet7> rihanha: I have faith that things are going to be easier, and things are going to get moving for the team!!
17:44 < itnet7> rihanha: that would be good, my brother taught me for an affective team, there should be an agreement on: Mission, Vision, and Values
17:44 < rihanha> not sure what the condition of our mailing list is either, haven't looked in a long while
17:44 < itnet7> does ubuntuidaho.org redirect to lists.ubuntu.com?
17:45 < rihanha> not at the moment... gyron?
17:45 < Gyron> nope not at the moment
17:46 < itnet7> rihanha: currently Gary Singleton and Paul Wilch have administrative rights to the mailing list
17:46 < Gyron> I'll email Paul and have him get me admin rights
17:46 < itnet7> One of the goals that idahoclint is going to have is to get Idaho up to an approved team status
17:46 < rihanha> i'm just not sure if the rest of the folks are aware we are going to try to pick it up again... need to pass it along and give them the chance to engage or drop from the list if they'd rather
17:46 < rihanha> oh yeah, forgot that paul has that one.
17:47 < rihanha> that would be super - its what we were hoping for as well. =)
17:47 < rihanha> a good thing to bond over. thanks. =)
17:47 < itnet7> If you feel that you all would like to send out a summary of this meeting, and let everyone know, I would welcome that
17:47 < itnet7> I can put up the Logs
17:47 < rihanha> that would be great.
17:47 < itnet7> like I mentioned earlier, if that's cool
17:48 < rihanha> if you could do the first (not sure where they go yet) then we could get a process for doing that in the future
17:48 < rihanha> i'd welcome it. matt? gyron?
17:48 < itnet7> Oh, okay
17:48 < rihanha> unless you enjoy that sort of thing, ;)
17:48 < itnet7> :-)
17:49 < itnet7> Let me check out your wiki's to see what is there currently
17:49 < rihanha> again, thanks for the assist.
17:51 < itnet7> No problem
17:51 < itnet7> Gyron: there are a couple of things we can do real quick
17:51 < rihanha> after its posted, we'll draft a quick note for clint to be sure he can reach us and knows we're open to suggestion
17:51 < itnet7> if your still logged into launchpad
17:51 < Gyron> ok
17:52 < Gyron> i am
17:52 < itnet7> On the right you will see "Change Details"
17:52 < itnet7> http://paste.ubuntu.com/438507/
17:53 < itnet7> I would add something similar (making sure the links are relevant/working) to the Team Description Box
17:55 < itnet7> An under Set Contact Address you can set the team mailing list address there too if you want, unless you know who is getting the admin@ubuntuidaho.org mail
17:55 < itnet7> ubuntu-us-id@lists.ubuntu.com
17:55 < Gyron> right now the www.ubuntuidaho.org points to the wiki page
17:56 < Gyron> myself and paul are under that mail contact group
17:56 < itnet7> cool
17:57 < rihanha> i'd say as much consolidation as we can get would be best.... one web site, one contact email. just my 2 cents.
17:57 < itnet7> In my team, we have that contact address so that everyone in the team can get the mail and respond
17:57 < itnet7> less administrative burden
17:57 < itnet7> :-)
17:57 < rihanha> it can forward to whomever, but i get confused from mutliple places. plus, <nods> less admin headaches
17:58 < itnet7> understandable
17:58 < itnet7> How about ubuntu forums
17:58 < itnet7> Does Idaho have thier own spot up there, with the other teams?
17:58 < Gyron> aye I will send to list email, we do not have an ubuntu forums yet
17:58 < rihanha> haven't done much with them, even when active. <chagrin> do we have one?
17:59 < itnet7> Let me check
17:59 < itnet7> Okay, it seems that cprofitt has tried to get one setup, http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8937705
18:00 < itnet7> I will look into it
18:00 < rihanha> we should ask paul if he still wants to be listed as a team contact so publicly - on the primary wiki team members page. should ask clint the same question.
18:00 < rihanha> hey, was that they fella from northern idaho? hmmm.
18:00 < itnet7> He is from New York, he was the "US Team Mentor"
18:00 < rihanha> oh duh.
18:01 < itnet7> Well I guess still is
18:01 < itnet7> I know some of the forum people so let me see if we can get that straightened out
18:01 < rihanha> that's it, mandatory photo gallery and location for all members. lol <kidding>
18:01 < itnet7> :-)
18:02 < itnet7> I am going to put the forums on my to do list though
18:02 < Gyron> thanks :)
18:02 < rihanha> i'd be happy to help get the 'background' stuff up and running again. VERY open to suggestions and assistance (for the record - not a big 'this is mine person'). just let me know where to look and what to do.
18:02 < itnet7> It should be done sometime this week, unless I get hit with red tape
18:03 < rihanha> that is the web presence and administrative tasks, updating info on wiki, etc
18:03 < itnet7> Well I would point you to my teams wiki, but it needs a little love ;-0
18:03 < itnet7> I would suggest a couple of things though
18:04 < rihanha> shoot
18:04 < itnet7> One would be to try and get Mootbot or Mootbot-UK for IRC meetings
18:04 < itnet7> and with Clint's help try and decide at least one day a month to do an IRC meeting regardless of what else happens
18:05 < rihanha> IRC meets are very doable.
18:05 < itnet7> On the 24th of each month, UWN is updated to reflect team minutes
18:05 < rihanha> hopefully we'll clint on the next round, must've gotten pulled away.
18:05 < itnet7> or team reports
18:05 < itnet7> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports/May2010
18:06 < itnet7> rihanha: yes
18:06 < rihanha> need to get a list of what gets posted where again - meeting logs/reports that is. i recall there is a spot. i'll look into it
18:06 < itnet7> These Team reports are where Ubuntu Weekly News pulls from for their LoCo Happenings
18:07 < itnet7> I can help you get started
18:07 < itnet7> or you can visit here
18:08 < itnet7> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/TeamReporting/HowTo
18:08 < itnet7> whichever you're comfortable with
18:08 < rihanha> sounds good. as long as other folks (matt, you still with us?) are okay with it, we'll start refreshing some of those things this week. we'll use plain ol' email for the first month to communicate if needed.
18:08 < rihanha> ah, forgot about the how to page - thanks.
18:08 < itnet7> This is the most up to date one
18:09 < itnet7> it uses a lot of wiki redirection
18:09 < itnet7> but helps make things easier
18:09 < rihanha> agreed, thank you
18:11 < rihanha> should we set up a next meeting in a few weeks to see how we're doing? maybe other poll since that seemed to work well.
18:11 < rihanha> er, another poll
18:11 < itnet7> Yes
18:11 < itnet7> do you want me to create it? Is the weekend best for everyone?
18:11 < rihanha> please
18:12 < rihanha> the same process and same invitees would be great. if we manage to 'spider' someone, let's get them in on it too.
18:12 < itnet7> What I will do is send it out for July (for every weekend but the holiday)
18:13 < rihanha> could we include the end of june also?
18:13 < itnet7> If you don't mind, I will try to attend
18:13 < rihanha> maybe the last weekend?
18:13 < itnet7> Oh
18:13 < itnet7> oops
18:13 < itnet7> I am month ahead in my mind
18:13 < Gyron> your not the only one
18:13 < itnet7> :-P
18:13 < rihanha> kind of a favor on our part, we have the due date in july - no telling when. heh.
18:14 < itnet7> So I will send it out for every weekend in June
18:14 < rihanha> perfect, thanks
18:14 < itnet7> AWESOME
18:14 < rihanha> may did really fly by, didn't it?
18:14 < itnet7> yes
18:14 < Gyron> whats may
18:15 < itnet7> Here are the things I understand I'm working on
18:15 < rihanha> sounds good. we'll see if we can get a few updates done and send a short note to clint to let him know what's getting updated. most will be wiki so he can also adjust if there is something he wants to tackle
18:16 < itnet7> I will put up the Log after this meeting, Check on the Forums, sending out the Doodle Poll for June
18:16  * itnet7 reads scrollback
18:16 < rihanha> i am guessing a note about the meeting notes will go out for the ppl that didn't make it, so that should cover it as well (and if you didn't get the msg, thanks Chris!)
18:17 < itnet7> You are absolutely welcome
18:17 < Gyron> Aye a very big Thanks :)
18:17 < itnet7> Thanks for hanging in there!
18:18 < rihanha> we'll follow up w/ paul on his contact presense, do some updates to wiki if needed, and send a brief note to clint about any changes we make and to be sure he knows he can message us as needed
18:18 < rihanha> then we'll regroup in June.
18:18 < itnet7> Sounds like a plan
18:18 < itnet7> \o/
18:18 < rihanha> woot
18:19 < mattatk_> thanks for getting this started again. I'm looking forward to becoming more involved.
18:19 < itnet7> mattatk_: thanks for being involved!! :-)
18:19 < rihanha> and we THANK YOU too. heh
18:19 < Gyron> aye thank you :)
18:19 < itnet7> You should see the doodlepoll soon
18:19 < itnet7> ping me any time!
18:19 < rihanha> kk, peace
18:19 < rihanha> ditto
18:19 < itnet7> ty

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