Whoa, what kind of crazy plans are the Ubuntu-Illinois up to now?

On Feb. 9th, 2008 Ubuntu Illinois will sponsor their first-ever Hackathon/Codesprint!

House of Hack (Address Removed After Event)

We want to encourage people to show up and work on Free Software (libre and gratis), that is beneficial to all mankind.This can be in the form of bug triaging, documentation work, packaging, x86 assembly language (we reserve the right to send you back to the nearest mental institution after the event :0), game development, or any other project we are not creative enough to come up with on our own.


  • Event starts at 1000 (-0600)
  • Food: 1400 (-0600)
  • Dinner: 1700 (-0600)
  • Closing: 1800 (-0600)

And that's it! We want to create a transparent and loose working model for this event. If you would like to give a talk, please feel free to add your name to the list, along with general topic, or general time, and show up! Or email one of the organizers (information at the end of this page), and they will gladly accommodated you. Basically, we don't want to tell people that 'Tim' put his name on a list and to hang out all day waiting for him. Help us to help you. Note: Subject to change as location and other formalities are decided.


Sharing the Love: Hacking for KNOME (MikeStemleJr)

  • Why do people use different GUI environments?
  • So what, now we're supposed to care about GUIs that we don't use?!
    • How does this make us better programmers?
    • How does this make our distribution better?
    • How does this enrich FreeSoftware?

  • How to actually achieve this?
    • Separating the backend from the frontend
    • UI design patterns and open desktop standards to the rescue!
    • What?! Are you telling me I have to make it look like someone else's GUI?!
  • Wait a minute... did manchicken really write "KNOME"?!

Getting involved: Where to start (FreddyMartinez)

  • How to find the team(s) that are right for you?
  • What resources do we have?
  • What tools do I use?
  • How do I not get in over my head.


Our goal here is to help each other out and work on good software. We would like to encourage everyone to work on projects that newer/less experienced users can follow along and contribute to, but we will leave to choice up to you.

  • Free Kitchen - Mike Stemle- The goal here is to create an application that can store all relevant data (recipes, ingredients, etc.) onto a searchable/easily usable database. From this, a user can decide the meals for the next week and get a printout of the grocery list needed before heading to the supermarket.

* Tilda CodeSprint

* Wii hacking in Ubuntu

* Databases application development.

* Open Source and Government Policy

*Linux Desktop


As of Jan. 6th, 2008 this is as far as we have gone on the event. Any and all help is appreciated and encourage.

Special Thanks:


  • Eddie Martinez (posingaspopular): eddiemartinez AT gmail DOT com
  • Mike Stemle, Jr.(manchicken): manchicken AT ubuntu DOT com

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