Team Speak

OK Illinois, what are you currently doing with your Ubuntu setup? What version are running? Any problems?

  • Using Kubuntu (religiously) for about 2 years now. Kubuntu and KDE developer. Help the Kubuntu development team with packaging, documentation, as well as maintain the pre-release pages for Kubuntu. Use Kubuntu mainly for development purposes (code, packaging, documentation), as well as person (college, work, and whatever). The apps I use the most are: Emacs, Kate, IRSSI, Konqueror, Amarok, Kontact, Yakuake/Konsole, Gimp, Inkscape, KOffice/OO.o, KDevelop, Qt Designer, K3b, Kaffeine, and more. -- nixternal 2007-03-04 19:04:08

  • Using Kubuntu for about a year and a half now. Contribute to the Ubuntu project. I try to help out with bugs, documentation, advocacy etc. I help out on teams as much as I can; Mozilla, Chicago + Illinois LoCo, testing teams, Xubuntu Marketing head. I use Kubuntu primarily for personal use (email, IMs, paper etc) but also have it as my dev box. The apps I use the most are: Firefox, Open Office, Irissi + Bitlbee, Amarok, Akregator, Katapult and Kaffeine -- FreddyMartinez

  • Using Kubuntu/Edubuntu/Xubuntu/Ubuntu (all the major *buntu flavors) for about 5 months now. I try to help out in the IRC chans/setting up of meetings and general stuff like that. I fail at bug work but I still try to do it as much as possible. I use konversation, firefox, open office, Amarok, various other things. I like computers.

--Eddie Martinez (posingaspopular)

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