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Incident Description

We had a late discovery of GRUB bootloader bug affecting dual-boot users of Ubuntu. When installing in a dual-boot environment, the other operating system will not appear at first in the GRUB menu. Installing the available updates and rebooting will fix this issue. However, it was determined the day of the release that this is not an optimal solution for new users or those not connected to the Internet.

Crisis Response Team

  • Ubuntu Release Team


See Comments in Bug 570765


  • The bug was found and promptly reported as part of our ISO testing process
  • A fix was created and pushed out as a day-0 update


  • The migration assistant testcase for dual-boot did not explicitly require using the other OS at least once before doing the install. Migration assistant is only called if user data on the other OS exists. If the other OS is installed, but never used...this does not occur.

  • We did not sufficiently consider how this bug would affect those trying Ubuntu and dual-boot for the 1st time, and/or installing without a network connection.


* Update the migration assistant testcase of the dual-boot test scenario to include ensuring there is user data on the other OS before starting the dual-boot install. This will ensure migration assistant is triggered. * tbd

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