Ubuntu Indian Promoters

Objective of Indian Promoters team is the elaboration and the start of plans actions to publicise and promoting the use of Ubuntu in India. Our objective is to catch up the customers who use systems owners and lot, in order to introduce the deriving advantages using free systems like Ubuntu and to publicise our community and its initiatives.

In Short Our Primary Goal is to Eliminate bug #1

What we do?

The scopes of this group are:

  • To create a vital atmosphere where favors the argument and the elaboration of ideas, to the aim to always find some of more and more interesting new and.
  • To examine in depth and to analyze such ideas in order to promote Ubuntu in India, to the aim to estimate of the feasibility.
  • To document the cases of I inside use of Ubuntu in Indian industries and society.
  • To start the plans that realize such ideas creating small commities(Since our country is a huge diverse country) to you that they realize the initiative.
  • To give support to the plans already starts to you in difficulty moments.

Finding Us

  • Mailing list of Indian Promoters team : Uses the Ubuntu India mailing list

  • Indian Promoters team on Launchpad: (necessary to have signed Code of conduct).

  • Channel IRC in which finding to us: #ubuntu-in on server 


Indian Promoters team is is always to the search of new persons!

In order to participate to this group he is not indispensable to be programmer, expert translators of English language or any prerequisite as it Would be annoying to some. Only prerequisite is He who joins the team is sufficient to have a little wants, to respect the conduct code and to decide of a little free time dedicating to this plan.

We listen to your opinions and your ideas, mailing-list of the team is a opened group to all! We count on your support!.

An Important Note:

Indian Promoters team is moderated. Those people which have joined and contributed effectively to one of the plans of the group and have demonstrated of being able to give a constant support in the time, can enter to make some leave

Membership is an important acknowledgment of the contribution given and, with, one assumption of responsibilities' towards the engagements of the group.

For being able to enter to make part of Group promotion it is necessary:

  • to have a account on Launchpad and to have signed the conduct code;
  • to carry out the demand for the admission in page of the group on Launchpad;
  • to actively participate to one or more plans of Indian Promoters team;
  • to attend the definitive approval from part of the administrators.

Our Plans:

To have a look at our plans please visit our website.

New Plans

If you have a new plan,Please discuss it on the mailing list and on the irc. Plan Implementation is subject to approval from the LoCo team members

Other Resources

Official Website of the Indian Local Community.

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