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Meeting summary

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/Agenda (coolbhavi, 15:28:34) LINK: http://justanothertriager.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/ubuntu-developer-day/ (nigelb, 15:32:11) LINK: (AbhijiT, 15:32:32) LINK: http://hardik.in/2011/02/03/a-coverage-of-ubuntu-developer-day-bangalore-india/ (nigelb, 15:32:34) LINK: http://hardik.in/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/20110203114127_01272011483.jpg << Usually how UDS looks as well (shadeslayer, 15:34:00) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam (AbhijiT, 15:40:23)

  • Reach out to and encourage current loco members to participate in community events

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek (m4n1sh, 16:08:38)

  • Start planning to organise Global Jam, either in-person or online
  • More publicity to the meetings
  • next chair of meeting

Meeting ended at 16:29:57 UTC.


  • nigelb and m4n1sh to take python/vala sessions
    • For: 10 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • people to attend/give seminars in colleges and other places and try to get people involved and keep them documented
    • For: 9 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • geekosopher to chair next
    • For: 7 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

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  • coolbhavi (94)
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  • nigelb (40)
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  • pksadiq (30)
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Full Log

  • 15:26:05 <coolbhavi> #startmeeting

    15:26:05 <meetingology> Meeting started Fri Feb 4 15:26:05 2011 UTC. The chair is coolbhavi. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.

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    15:26:05 <pksadiq> coolbhavi: yes, let us

    15:26:16 <Bipul`> am i indian thats why i got banned from ubuntu is that a reasone ? 15:26:33 * AbhijiT sits tight. Its his 1st ubuntu m,eeting of life!

    15:26:36 <AbhijiT> Smile :)

    15:26:46 <pksadiq> Bipul`: if you control your language , no one would be against you

    15:26:57 <Bipul`> aree show me the logs

    15:26:58 <pksadiq> AbhijiT: and so me too

    15:26:58 <AbhijiT> Bipul`, if you have any complaints then please take it to #ubuntu-ops

    15:27:00 <coolbhavi> Bipul`, please discuss this after meeting ends

    15:27:02 <shadeslayer> Bipul`: calm down, take a break, come back in 15 minutes

    15:27:05 <Bipul`> whear i have said any offensive language

    15:27:08 <Bipul`> i will leav IRC

    15:27:11 <geekosopher> Bipul`: please drop the topic for now, we are in to the meeting

    15:27:12 <Bipul`> if i found

    15:27:26 <Bipul`> ok

    15:27:37 <coolbhavi> nigelb, geekosopher hey so whats on the agenda today?

    15:27:49 <geekosopher> link here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/Agenda

    15:28:34 <coolbhavi> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/Agenda

    15:29:15 <m4n1sh> nigelb: ping

    15:29:18 <coolbhavi> okay 1st up how was the UDD that happened a few days back?

    15:29:27 <coolbhavi> hey m4n1sh

    15:29:28 <nigelb> m4n1sh: pong

    15:29:34 <nigelb> The UDD was great

    15:29:36 <geekosopher> should we pass the muster first? 15:29:50 * AbhijiT present!

    15:30:23 <coolbhavi> geekosopher, there are 28 present in this channel now

    15:30:33 <m4n1sh> ray1claw: lut4rp meeting is going to start

    15:30:51 <coolbhavi> m4n1sh, already started mate

    15:30:54 <coolbhavi> Smile :)

    15:31:01 <geekosopher> lol

    15:31:09 <ray1claw> m4n1sh: ?

    15:31:17 <m4n1sh> #ubuntu-in meeting

    15:31:29 <ray1claw> what meeting?

    15:31:30 <coolbhavi> nigelb, please share your experiences if any in detail

    15:31:34 <geekosopher> can't believe we started the meeting in India before time!

    15:31:42 <shadeslayer> hahahaha

    15:31:46 <m4n1sh> lol

    15:31:53 <coolbhavi> Smile :)

    15:31:55 <nigelb> I'd written a detailed blog post about my UDD experience

    15:32:01 <AbhijiT> geekosopher, that same thing i was goign to say!

    15:32:02 <pksadiq> is this to be called as meeting?

    15:32:05 <nigelb> and so did Harik

    15:32:11 <nigelb> #link http://justanothertriager.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/ubuntu-developer-day/

    15:32:14 <m4n1sh> pksadiq: yes. We cant physically meet

    15:32:24 <ray1claw> what is it about anyways?

    15:32:24 <m4n1sh> pksadiq: sitting next to next is not possible

    15:32:32 <AbhijiT> #link

    15:32:34 <nigelb> #link http://hardik.in/2011/02/03/a-coverage-of-ubuntu-developer-day-bangalore-india/

    15:32:36 <AbhijiT> oh

    15:32:36 <m4n1sh> ray1claw: monthly meeting of #ubuntu-in

    15:32:45 <ray1claw> m4n1sh: okay

    15:32:47 <coolbhavi> thats great! I missed the udd Sad :(

    15:32:51 <m4n1sh> me too

    15:33:10 <pksadiq> m4n1sh: k

    15:33:10 <geekosopher> I think I should link hardik's link in the report too

    15:33:22 <m4n1sh> Hardik works on what in Canonical?

    15:33:23 <pksadiq> what is udd?

    15:33:26 <AbhijiT> i have something to say...........

    15:33:33 <m4n1sh> pksadiq: Ubuntu Developer Day

    15:33:36 <m4n1sh> AbhijiT: go on

    15:33:47 <AbhijiT> all add yourself here : http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_167372966632557&ap=1

    15:33:54 <AbhijiT> Ubuntu LoCo team on fb

    15:34:00 <shadeslayer> http://hardik.in/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/20110203114127_01272011483.jpg << Usually how UDS looks as well

    15:34:24 <coolbhavi> shadeslayer, Smile :)

    15:34:51 <shadeslayer> of course i mean ... 10 minutes before it's supposed to start Wink ;)

    15:35:30 <coolbhavi> shadeslayer, I was a bit early in typing the command I guess

    15:35:32 <coolbhavi> :P

    15:35:41 <arjunaraoc> I just joined fb. Smile :-)

    15:35:51 <AbhijiT> arjunaraoc, add yourself to that team

    15:36:03 <arjunaraoc> I mean I joined the team.

    15:36:05 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, have you eat full?

    15:36:17 <m4n1sh> and people please keep other updated with the latest news by posting relevant info on that group

    15:36:24 <coolbhavi> AbhijiT, ofcourse mate

    15:36:40 <arjunaraoc> Sure.

    15:36:41 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, ok. i thought the reason you came early..............

    15:36:42 <AbhijiT> :P

    15:36:54 <coolbhavi> AbhijiT, Smile :)

    15:36:55 <pksadiq> how much time does this meet extends? an hour? or more?

    15:37:08 <AbhijiT> hour i think?

    15:37:18 <m4n1sh> yes

    15:37:26 <m4n1sh> so are we done with this topic?

    15:37:33 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, next time onwards post any such metting or event detail in that fb team

    15:37:43 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, like today you posted it in mailist list. like that

    15:37:49 <A-R-R> Yay, my first attendance in the meet. Hopefully my hostel net won't give in Smile :)

    15:37:55 <coolbhavi> AbhijiT, sure mate Smile :)

    15:37:59 <geekosopher> AbhijiT: I posted a reminder yesterday on the list

    15:38:03 <coolbhavi> welcome A-R-R

    15:38:09 <AbhijiT> geekosopher, Surprised :o when? i ddnt seen it! Sad :(

    15:38:13 <pksadiq> don't , first give preference to ubuntu site and then launchpad and so on..

    15:38:31 <geekosopher> on ubuntu-in mailing list, no one received it?

    15:38:44 <AbhijiT> geekosopher, i only recieved from coolbhavi

    15:38:45 <m4n1sh> geekosopher: I got it

    15:38:47 <pksadiq> nigelb: are you here?

    15:38:53 <nigelb> yes

    15:39:04 <geekosopher> AbhijiT: time to check your spam filters? :P

    15:39:13 <pksadiq> nigelb: hope you are malayali, isn't it?

    15:39:23 <nigelb> People. we're moving off-topic.

    15:39:26 <coolbhavi> okay if we are done with the topic lets move on Smile :)

    15:39:30 <m4n1sh> yes

    15:39:34 <m4n1sh> next topic please

    15:39:34 <geekosopher> sure

    15:39:34 <AbhijiT> geekosopher, nope. i got properly mail of coolbhavi in mailist list

    15:39:38 <pksadiq> nigelb: ok, lets fix to the topic

    15:39:53 <ray1claw> so what is the topic?

    15:40:03 <AbhijiT> global jam

    15:40:04 <shadeslayer> yeah :P 15:40:07 * AbhijiT thinks

    15:40:15 <m4n1sh> when is Global Jam?

    15:40:22 <shadeslayer> what happened to "Conferences happening -- nigelbabu 2011-02-03 06:38:04"

    15:40:22 <coolbhavi> geekosopher, how do you plan to get more people involved in community?

    15:40:23 <AbhijiT> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam

    15:40:32 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, shortcut! :p

    15:40:43 <geekosopher> that is what I wanted to bring to discussion today

    15:40:43 <nigelb> AbhijiT: Please don't cut the chair.

    15:40:46 <AbhijiT> hey sorry only chair has right to declare topic

    15:40:49 <AbhijiT> nigelb, sorry

    15:40:57 <pksadiq> IndianTeam/TODO is updated on 2008? then what happened?

    15:41:00 <nigelb> Let coolbhavi chair the meeting please.

    15:41:12 <AbhijiT> people involvement in comunity - i have again something to say

    15:41:13 <geekosopher> being a big country, it will be difficult to organise a single event anywhere

    15:41:37 <m4n1sh> geekosopher: we can do it in a distributed way

    15:41:40 <m4n1sh> at our places

    15:41:42 <coolbhavi> nigelb, Smile :) so please explain geekosopher about your plans

    15:41:43 <AbhijiT> i am giving seminar on FOSS (in that ubuntu) in front of students and my teachers. and i am plannign to distribute free ubuntu cds also

    15:41:43 <m4n1sh> being on this IRC channel

    15:41:48 <AbhijiT> this is i am involving them

    15:42:07 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, ^

    15:42:08 <nigelb> Ok

    15:42:36 <m4n1sh> AbhijiT: set up a wiki page about your plans. Ask comments on it. That is one good way

    15:42:37 <nigelb> Just wanted to announce the various conferences coming up

    15:42:43 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: oh btw send a mail to shipit for the CD's

    15:42:49 <nigelb> First we have the conf.kde happening in Bangalore

    15:42:55 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, you checked my todays mail in ubuntu in list?

    15:43:01 <coolbhavi> nigelb, +1

    15:43:02 <AbhijiT> nigelb, ok

    15:43:04 <Bipul`> can i say some thing

    15:43:06 <nigelb> I belive shadeslayer is flying down to Bangalore and probahly a few more people

    15:43:08 <pksadiq> many of my friends are about to mock at me and I have got a nice nick at my college "Linux" and also some calls me "Ubuntu" Wink ;)

    15:43:08 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: the one requesting CD's

    15:43:12 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, yes

    15:43:14 <shadeslayer> yep

    15:43:17 <shadeslayer> i am Wink ;)

    15:43:19 <AbhijiT> Bipul`, only if related to the meeting

    15:43:27 <nigelb> so, if you're interested, please look at the conf.kde.in website (correct me if the url is wrong)

    15:43:27 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: yep ... contact shipit

    15:43:31 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, what you suggest? how many to order?

    15:43:33 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, okay

    15:43:40 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: pm

    15:43:41 <AbhijiT> nigelb, Bipul` is coming to kde.conf

    15:43:46 <Bipul`> it's related to promoting ubuntu

    15:43:47 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, yah

    15:43:50 <nigelb> AbhijiT, shadeslayer: Please keep chatter for after the meeting.

    15:43:50 <AbhijiT> Bipul`, go ahead

    15:43:53 <m4n1sh> I would be coming to kde conf

    15:43:58 <shadeslayer> nigelb: yep ...

    15:43:58 <Bipul`> yes i will be there in kde

    15:44:08 <m4n1sh> shadeslayer is giving a talk

    15:44:08 <nigelb> We also have gnome.asia summit happening, again in Bangalore

    15:44:15 <geekosopher> nigelb: there used to be a way to bring items from the agenda one by one, right?

    15:44:19 <Bipul`> why dont we conduct a workshop or seminar here in in all university and colleges to aware a programmes for FOSS and OPen source OS specially ubuntu.. there is great scope

    15:44:20 <m4n1sh> it has 3 days of private hackfest at Intel office

    15:44:22 <shadeslayer> righto

    15:44:22 <nigelb> geekosopher: yes

    15:44:25 <nigelb> coolbhavi: see PM

    15:44:39 <coolbhavi> nigelb, saw

    15:44:41 <m4n1sh> Bipul`: on topic please

    15:44:53 <m4n1sh> gnome.asia has 2 days open for public

    15:44:55 <pksadiq> AbhijiT: please don't use the ubuntu shipit for a very large number of people if they are near you, instead just give a copy , just don't exploit Ubuntu shipit resources

    15:45:09 <AbhijiT> pksadiq, hmm

    15:45:17 <nigelb> ok, any questions on the conference topic?

    15:45:18 <Bipul`> AbhijiT, check my pm

    15:45:19 <m4n1sh> people, can we discuss on upcoming conferences. Please keep shitit etc out

    15:45:28 <m4n1sh> shipit

    15:45:32 <AbhijiT> nigelb, no

    15:45:44 <m4n1sh> anyone attending last 2 days of gnome.asia ?

    15:45:49 <nigelb> o/

    15:45:54 <nigelb> Not sure yet, but I intend to.

    15:45:55 <arjunaraoc> o/

    15:46:03 <m4n1sh> o/

    15:46:19 <shadeslayer> there's also http://gnunify.in/

    15:46:22 <AbhijiT> i wll attend next y3ar

    15:46:24 <shadeslayer> and FOSSKriti

    15:46:30 <m4n1sh> gnuify in Pune?

    15:46:35 <geekosopher> so can we have some volunteers report about the events they are attending?

    15:46:38 <shadeslayer> but i have no confirmation if FOSSKriti is taking place

    15:46:59 <ray1claw> anything happening in Delhi?

    15:47:08 <nigelb> ok, lets move on to next item on the list. coolbhavi ?

    15:47:14 <coolbhavi> yes

    15:47:37 <m4n1sh> so what is next topic?

    15:47:49 <nigelb> coolbhavi: use the bot this time for topic.

    15:47:55 <ray1claw> question: anything happening in Delhi? talks and such?

    15:48:09 <akshatj> eek, I am late

    15:48:10 <m4n1sh> I thought osscamp. But I think it is done

    15:48:11 <pksadiq> nigelb: if you are at kerala and if you would like to do something good for FOSS and so on , I would like to invite you to my college for the TEchnofest at lakshya11.org

    15:48:12 <geekosopher> ray1claw: please wait for coolbhavi to announce the next topic

    15:48:12 <A-R-R> shadeslayer, thanks for notfiying about gnunify

    15:48:19 <coolbhavi> #topic Reach out to and encourage current loco members to participate in community events

    15:48:19 <meetingology> TOPIC: Reach out to and encourage current loco members to participate in community events

    15:48:20 <m4n1sh> akshatj: never mind. Topic is "Upcoming conferences"

    15:48:21 <ray1claw> geekosopher: ok

    15:48:47 <coolbhavi> so geekosopher what are your ideas?

    15:49:16 <m4n1sh> community events like? please give some examples?

    15:49:25 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, geekosopher i am interested in giving presentation and seminars if you want that help

    15:49:41 <AbhijiT> m4n1sh, e.g. gnuinfy

    15:49:48 <geekosopher> I was thinking of communicating with them to get involved, letting them know that we are here

    15:49:50 <coolbhavi> and we need to streamline this stuff 15:49:59 * geekosopher doesn't know how though

    15:50:00 <pksadiq> any ubuntu-in sms groups? may be at google sms channel, for reporting updates, meeting times etc ( sorry if it's insane)

    15:50:19 <geekosopher> m4n1sh: like this meeting itself

    15:50:24 <shadeslayer> um

    15:50:26 <coolbhavi> i.e organise that who is willing to take what

    15:50:26 <shadeslayer> pksadiq: bad idea

    15:50:47 <pksadiq> shadeslayer: k, never mind

    15:50:54 <shadeslayer> you think people would like to subscribe to it, but in reality it's just annoying to have SMS's dropping in

    15:51:11 <m4n1sh> we should also take part in global ubuntu events

    15:51:22 <m4n1sh> like how coolbhavi taught packaging in user days

    15:51:34 <m4n1sh> we have GlobalJam coming

    15:51:36 <m4n1sh> we can help there

    15:51:51 <coolbhavi> so people can we vote on AbhijiT idea as well as m4n1sh

    15:51:53 <geekosopher> that is the next topic in agenda Wink ;)

    15:51:53 <pksadiq> shadeslayer:not saying about wach and every people, but only for the members here who are interested in this meeting etc

    15:52:08 <A-R-R> I am forming a foss club in my college. Getting the interested to get more involed.

    15:52:08 <coolbhavi> to have a resolution sort of

    15:52:14 <pksadiq> each*

    15:52:36 <AbhijiT> just a min guys

    15:52:45 <coolbhavi> okay

    15:53:02 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, geekosopher shadeslayer i whould like your help to form a LUG/LoCo on the occasion of my seminar here in my city

    15:53:18 <geekosopher> AbhijiT: which city?

    15:53:20 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: sure go ahead ... but how do you plan to attract members

    15:53:21 <AbhijiT> how to create mailistlist irc etc

    15:53:25 <AbhijiT> geekosopher, Panvel

    15:53:32 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, i told naa

    15:53:35 <coolbhavi> AbhijiT, if its on weekends then yes

    15:53:39 <coolbhavi> Smile :)

    15:53:43 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, i will announce that in seminar so all will know

    15:53:44 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: looking at backlog

    15:53:47 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, ok

    15:53:47 <m4n1sh> AbhijiT: creating mailing list is not an issue. Getting people involved is

    15:53:48 <shadeslayer> righto

    15:53:55 <AbhijiT> m4n1sh, ok 15:53:56 * shadeslayer is a bit distracted ...

    15:54:05 <geekosopher> AbhijiT: you can count on me to do the background stuff

    15:54:09 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, dont read back log just be here

    15:54:13 <AbhijiT> geekosopher, thanks

    15:54:31 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: but one thing, people come to any societies/groups when they get something out of it

    15:54:31 <arjunaraoc> Open source projects would be a greatway to motivate people towards FOSS and then Ubuntu.

    15:54:38 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, yeah

    15:54:43 <shadeslayer> what can *you* offer that will attract them

    15:54:57 <shadeslayer> i've tried it at my college, it didn't work out

    15:55:00 <AbhijiT> yeah i wll keep that in mind

    15:55:05 <AbhijiT> ok

    15:55:07 <shadeslayer> yep

    15:55:14 <coolbhavi> so can we vote on a consensus now

    15:55:17 <coolbhavi> ?

    15:55:19 <m4n1sh> yes

    15:55:23 <shadeslayer> so you need to have workshops/seminars consistently

    15:55:36 <m4n1sh> yes. Dont be very geeky from start

    15:55:46 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, what is consensus? how to vote?

    15:55:50 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, sure

    15:56:00 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: good luck then Smile :)

    15:56:02 <m4n1sh> AbhijiT: coolbhavi will start the vote. The instructions will be given

    15:56:05 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, Smile :)

    15:56:09 <AbhijiT> m4n1sh, ok

    15:56:17 <m4n1sh> coolbhavi: start the vote

    15:56:17 <shadeslayer> what are we voting on? P

    15:56:18 <shadeslayer> :P

    15:56:26 <AbhijiT> something called consensus!

    15:56:36 <coolbhavi> #vote people to attend/give seminars in colleges and other places and try to get people involved and keep them documented

    15:56:36 <meetingology> Please vote on: people to attend/give seminars in colleges and other places and try to get people involved and keep them documented

    15:56:36 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    15:57:07 <AbhijiT> +1

    15:57:07 <meetingology> +1 received from AbhijiT

    15:57:09 <m4n1sh> +1

    15:57:09 <meetingology> +1 received from m4n1sh

    15:57:12 <Bipul`> +1

    15:57:12 <meetingology> +1 received from Bipul`

    15:57:14 <geekosopher> +1 to AbhijiT

    15:57:15 <shadeslayer> +1

    15:57:15 <meetingology> +1 received from shadeslayer

    15:57:15 <coolbhavi> +1

    15:57:15 <meetingology> +1 received from coolbhavi

    15:57:19 <pksadiq> +1

    15:57:19 <meetingology> +1 received from pksadiq

    15:57:23 <geekosopher> oops

    15:57:25 <arjunak01> +1

    15:57:25 <meetingology> +1 received from arjunak01

    15:57:26 <geekosopher> +1

    15:57:26 <meetingology> +1 received from geekosopher

    15:57:29 <shadeslayer> subject to the requirement that they are conducted routinely Smile :)

    15:57:38 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, Big Grin :)

    15:57:39 <shadeslayer> s/requirement/condition

    15:57:41 <m4n1sh> and people should document what happened and the mistakes

    15:57:41 <coolbhavi> Smile :)

    15:57:42 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, i am conducting!

    15:57:45 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, very soon!

    15:57:47 <shadeslayer> yep

    15:57:48 <m4n1sh> or it is useless without introspection

    15:57:50 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: where?

    15:57:50 <coolbhavi> nigelb,

    15:57:58 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, in my college i am giving seminar

    15:58:03 <A-R-R> +1

    15:58:03 <meetingology> +1 received from A-R-R

    15:58:09 <AbhijiT> yeah and i wll document it and tell to you all

    15:58:12 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: panvel?

    15:58:15 <arjunaraoc> We need some integrated plan. just workshops/seminars won't be that useful otherwise.

    15:58:16 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, yes

    15:58:22 <Bipul`> in my college i am also teaching my faculty to beggine with ubuntu (linux)

    15:58:23 <coolbhavi> thats it?

    15:58:26 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: pics or it didn't happen :P

    15:58:29 <AbhijiT> arjunaraoc, e.g.?

    15:58:33 <arjunaraoc> Tie up with GSOC like contests.

    15:58:34 <geekosopher> nigelb: is a passivie attendee today Wink ;)

    15:58:41 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, amm???? what pics?

    15:58:50 <coolbhavi> #endvote

    15:58:50 <meetingology> Voting ended on: people to attend/give seminars in colleges and other places and try to get people involved and keep them documented

    15:58:50 <meetingology> Votes for:9 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    15:58:50 <meetingology> Motion carried

    15:58:54 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: pics from the seminar Wink ;)

    15:59:03 <AbhijiT> Bipul`, has already conducted seminar. he should document it and submit. coolbhavi

    15:59:11 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, oh yah sure will try

    15:59:18 <coolbhavi> Bipul`,

    15:59:22 <nigelb> geekosopher: distracted with work.

    15:59:29 <pksadiq> I demotivate others using M$ saying that it's like stealing 3000 or more if using pirated, and diverts them to OSS, ( I said already)

    15:59:33 <m4n1sh> the second proposal was "involvement of loco in ubuntu global events"

    15:59:34 <coolbhavi> i think you ll do the same

    15:59:37 <Bipul`> coolbhavi, i just presentated a presentation on Linux

    15:59:48 <Bipul`> in august 2010

    15:59:49 <geekosopher> Bipul`: whenever you conduct a seminar or something, its a good idea to tell about it to the mailing list

    16:00:00 <coolbhavi> m4n1sh, shall we vote on that?

    16:00:03 <Bipul`> geekosopher, ok Smile :) i will tell them

    16:00:13 <m4n1sh> coolbhavi: discussion first 16:00:15 * akshatj releases m4n1sh on pksadiq for using M$

    16:00:16 <m4n1sh> which events

    16:00:28 <m4n1sh> Global Jam

    16:00:36 <coolbhavi> UDS

    16:00:47 <m4n1sh> yes, I would be apply for sponorship this time

    16:01:02 <coolbhavi> m4n1sh, great mate

    16:01:06 <m4n1sh> if I get sponsorship, will document it

    16:01:09 <geekosopher> coolbhavi: global jam will happen before UDS

    16:01:24 <m4n1sh> UDS is in May I think

    16:01:38 <geekosopher> UGJ on 1-3 april

    16:01:44 <m4n1sh> so UDS is later

    16:01:48 <coolbhavi> geekosopher, yes but we are discussing global prespective mate

    16:02:02 <geekosopher> UGJ = Ubuntu Global Jam

    16:02:10 <m4n1sh> another idea, how about some python/vala classroom sessions conducted by us?

    16:02:23 <nigelb> m4n1sh: +1

    16:02:29 <geekosopher> m4n1sh: sure

    16:02:31 <m4n1sh> I am in for Python and C#

    16:02:37 <m4n1sh> I know these 2 langs

    16:02:48 <nigelb> m4n1sh: ok, you asked for it. You're doing a UDW session.

    16:02:48 <A-R-R> m4n1sh, Python all the way

    16:02:57 <AbhijiT> neena, what is udw?

    16:02:58 <coolbhavi> m4n1sh, so are you going to take up this?

    16:03:06 <A-R-R> AbhijiT, ubuntu developer week

    16:03:06 <AbhijiT> oh

    16:03:10 <m4n1sh> coolbhavi: yes I can. Just is someone else knowing python is there.

    16:03:11 <AbhijiT> ok

    16:03:21 <m4n1sh> I can handle C# alone

    16:03:27 <m4n1sh> but for Python need 1 person more

    16:03:43 <m4n1sh> nigelb: you can come for python too? shadeslayer ?

    16:03:50 <AbhijiT> nigelb, is that ufw takes place on irc?

    16:03:56 <m4n1sh> AbhijiT: yes

    16:03:59 <AbhijiT> ok

    16:04:01 <m4n1sh> udw

    16:04:03 <shadeslayer> erm

    16:04:07 <shadeslayer> never handled python

    16:04:07 <akshatj> m4n1sh: I want to learn both of them

    16:04:09 <m4n1sh> when is next udw?

    16:04:09 <AbhijiT> lol Big Grin :) ufw!

    16:04:16 <m4n1sh> who else knows python here?

    16:04:16 <shadeslayer> and i'd like to keep away from it

    16:04:22 <nigelb> m4n1sh: I can

    16:04:22 <m4n1sh> shadeslayer: which lang is your fav?

    16:04:25 <m4n1sh> nigelb: great

    16:04:25 <shadeslayer> like i'm keeping away from Java

    16:04:31 <geekosopher> udw=uds?

    16:04:35 <m4n1sh> nope

    16:04:38 <pksadiq> it's nice to here that IT @ school at kerala has changed programming language n syllabus to python from QBASIC upto 10th standard @ every schools

    16:04:40 <shadeslayer> m4n1sh: C++ + STL + Qt/KDE API's

    16:04:44 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, Surprised :o why?

    16:04:45 <m4n1sh> ubutu developer week is a week of IRC sessions

    16:04:48 <AbhijiT> geekosopher, nope

    16:04:54 <m4n1sh> UDS = Ubuntu Developer Summit. Happens in person

    16:05:01 <nigelb> And remote.

    16:05:04 <m4n1sh> yes

    16:05:07 <shadeslayer> AbhijiT: too much is b0rked with python

    16:05:11 <m4n1sh> both. UDW is only on IRC

    16:05:22 <coolbhavi> m4n1sh, we can ask some of the MOTU's or devs from pythoniasts to take a session then

    16:05:24 <shadeslayer> im going to try and write qt-language-selector in C++ at some point in the future

    16:05:25 <Bipul`> pksadiq, that's good you know if we email to CBSE director and state board director

    16:05:26 <m4n1sh> so I can take C# classes alone and python with nigelb

    16:05:26 <AbhijiT> pksadiq, i will like the link of kerala govt and kerala school/college syllabus regarding implementation of linux and foss

    16:05:29 <pksadiq> m4n1sh: if you have a symbian phone you can also try pys60 on your phone, very handy

    16:05:29 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, ok

    16:05:43 <Bipul`> about this to add in there syllabus about the importance of FOSS

    16:05:51 <Bipul`> that will be awsome.

    16:05:54 <A-R-R> m4n1sh, I know python. But I think it will be too early to help on a session for me :P

    16:06:01 <m4n1sh> pksadiq: Bipul`: topic please

    16:06:17 <Bipul`> AbhijiT, pm

    16:06:20 <m4n1sh> so I think we can ask some MOTU for helping us with Python sessions

    16:06:21 <Bipul`> check the pm

    16:06:28 <geekosopher> extremely sorry to interupt all you guys, but I have to leave

    16:06:39 <AbhijiT> Bipul`, yes

    16:06:43 <coolbhavi> nigelb, are you going to handle python classes?

    16:06:46 <geekosopher> so can we have a vote on if I can continue with team reporting next month?

    16:06:49 <m4n1sh> gaurav: no probs

    16:06:49 <Bipul`> check mine pm

    16:06:57 <nigelb> coolbhavi: I'll be helping m4n1sh with python classes

    16:06:59 <Bipul`> m4n1sh, i dont get you ?

    16:07:10 <coolbhavi> so shall we vote?

    16:07:12 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, see what gaurav is asking

    16:07:13 <m4n1sh> Bipul`: I mean stay on topic

    16:07:16 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, yes

    16:07:35 <Bipul`> m4n1sh, ok

    16:07:46 <m4n1sh> when is UDW ?

    16:08:08 <m4n1sh> dates?

    16:08:31 <m4n1sh> Feb 28th

    16:08:38 <m4n1sh> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek

    16:09:02 <geekosopher> coolbhavi: please see my pm

    16:09:16 <m4n1sh> okay. So shall we go ahead with the vote?

    16:09:20 <coolbhavi> #vote nigelb and m4n1sh to take python/vala sessions

    16:09:20 <meetingology> Please vote on: nigelb and m4n1sh to take python/vala sessions

    16:09:20 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    16:09:34 <GauravButola> where will UDW be held?

    16:09:37 <AbhijiT> +1 for vala (not for python)

    16:09:37 <A-R-R> +1

    16:09:37 <meetingology> +1 received from A-R-R

    16:09:38 <geekosopher> +1

    16:09:38 <meetingology> +1 received from geekosopher

    16:09:42 <coolbhavi> +1

    16:09:42 <meetingology> +1 received from coolbhavi

    16:09:42 <AbhijiT> ohh

    16:09:43 <AbhijiT> +1

    16:09:43 <meetingology> +1 received from AbhijiT

    16:09:44 <m4n1sh> +1

    16:09:44 <meetingology> +1 received from m4n1sh

    16:09:51 <Bipul`> +1

    16:09:51 <meetingology> +1 received from Bipul`

    16:10:04 <AbhijiT> but i wanted to note that i dont vote for python i vote for vala?

    16:10:11 <m4n1sh> GauravButola: on IRC #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat

    16:10:11 <pksadiq> +1

    16:10:11 <meetingology> +1 received from pksadiq

    16:10:23 <coolbhavi> nigelb,

    16:10:29 <nigelb> +1

    16:10:29 <meetingology> +1 received from nigelb

    16:10:29 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, ^

    16:10:53 <coolbhavi> so anymore left?

    16:10:59 <AbhijiT> no

    16:11:04 <akshatj> +1

    16:11:04 <meetingology> +1 received from akshatj

    16:11:12 <m4n1sh> shadeslayer: ping

    16:11:18 <m4n1sh> your vote?

    16:11:28 <AbhijiT> m4n1sh, vala

    16:11:35 <arjunaraoc> I am not keen in voting at this time.

    16:11:42 <m4n1sh> I am more of Python and C# person

    16:11:47 <m4n1sh> lets see what all we can get done

    16:11:51 <m4n1sh> will try my best

    16:11:54 <arjunaraoc> Do you really need to vote on each topic? can we work towards consensus

    16:11:56 <AbhijiT> ok

    16:12:03 <shadeslayer> oh

    16:12:09 <shadeslayer> +1

    16:12:09 <meetingology> +1 received from shadeslayer

    16:12:21 <m4n1sh> arjunaraoc: actually these things are action items and not votes

    16:12:34 <coolbhavi> arjunaraoc,

    16:12:40 <arjunaraoc> i see.

    16:13:07 <m4n1sh> coolbhavi: I think all done

    16:13:10 <m4n1sh> all votes

    16:13:17 <coolbhavi> #endvote

    16:13:17 <meetingology> Voting ended on: nigelb and m4n1sh to take python/vala sessions

    16:13:17 <meetingology> Votes for:10 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    16:13:17 <meetingology> Motion carried

    16:13:29 <m4n1sh> so next topic?

    16:13:53 <coolbhavi> #topic Start planning to organise Global Jam, either in-person or online

    16:13:53 <meetingology> TOPIC: Start planning to organise Global Jam, either in-person or online

    16:14:26 <AbhijiT> i regulary there in bug squad so i will continue the same in global jam

    16:14:36 <coolbhavi> I think this is best discussed on mailing list rather

    16:14:38 <m4n1sh> I am in. We can meet on IRC on bugsquad and do it

    16:14:56 <m4n1sh> global jam also involves packaging

    16:15:00 <m4n1sh> so i can learn packaging too

    16:15:18 <AbhijiT> global jam is not for learning/teaching?

    16:15:23 <AbhijiT> its for working , i think?

    16:15:31 <m4n1sh> learning and working

    16:15:35 <AbhijiT> oh

    16:15:37 <m4n1sh> a good time to learn by looking at others

    16:15:42 <AbhijiT> ok

    16:15:52 <coolbhavi> yes but the planning can be done on ML I think to reach out better I guess

    16:15:57 <m4n1sh> yes

    16:15:58 <m4n1sh> true

    16:16:03 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, ok np

    16:16:12 <m4n1sh> so we can move to next topic?

    16:16:25 <AbhijiT> i always be there in classroom to encourage speaker!

    16:16:33 <coolbhavi> #topic More publicity to the meetings

    16:16:33 <meetingology> TOPIC: More publicity to the meetings

    16:16:53 <AbhijiT> how?

    16:17:06 <m4n1sh> People don't look much interested

    16:17:08 <nigelb> o/

    16:17:08 <m4n1sh> nigelb: ping

    16:17:15 <coolbhavi> m4n1sh, I think facebook posting helps

    16:17:18 <nigelb> Well, we've been having meetings for 2 months

    16:17:18 <coolbhavi> Smile :)

    16:17:26 <m4n1sh> nigelb: yes, but still

    16:17:29 <nigelb> and it would be nice if we could tweet, and post on fb about the meetings

    16:17:35 <m4n1sh> yes

    16:17:36 <AbhijiT> ok

    16:17:40 <m4n1sh> starting 24 hrs before

    16:17:41 <nigelb> there were 2 reminders to the list about this too

    16:17:47 <AbhijiT> one more imp thing

    16:17:56 <m4n1sh> ask

    16:17:59 <coolbhavi> yes go on

    16:18:06 <AbhijiT> add all your 'potential' or already ubuntu using friends to that fb group

    16:18:14 <AbhijiT> i see that no one added much friends.

    16:18:37 <m4n1sh> I will add a few

    16:18:41 <coolbhavi> sure I ve sent them a request

    16:18:48 <coolbhavi> Smile :)

    16:18:57 <AbhijiT> yeah

    16:19:20 <coolbhavi> so is there anymore on this topic left?

    16:19:26 <nigelb> No

    16:19:29 <AbhijiT> no

    16:19:47 <coolbhavi> #topic next chair of meeting

    16:19:47 <meetingology> TOPIC: next chair of meeting

    16:20:10 <coolbhavi> geekosopher has proposed his candidature

    16:20:11 <m4n1sh> I propose nigelb

    16:20:16 <m4n1sh> than geekosopher

    16:20:18 <m4n1sh> then

    16:20:21 <AbhijiT> ok

    16:20:22 <m4n1sh> then geekosopher is better

    16:20:25 <AbhijiT> geekosopher,

    16:20:27 <m4n1sh> lets give people chance

    16:20:53 <coolbhavi> nigelb, your views?

    16:20:59 <coolbhavi> shadeslayer,

    16:21:07 <m4n1sh> akshatj: ping

    16:21:14 <AbhijiT> pksadiq,

    16:21:17 <m4n1sh> Bipul`:

    16:21:23 <AbhijiT> whre all gone?

    16:21:28 <shadeslayer> hmm?

    16:21:30 <shadeslayer> ah

    16:21:31 <nigelb> o/

    16:21:36 <AbhijiT> shadeslayer, vote for next speaker

    16:21:37 <nigelb> I can chair

    16:21:38 <pksadiq> Hm

    16:21:43 <shadeslayer> me and nigelb are a bit occupied :P

    16:21:46 <m4n1sh> geekosopher: ping

    16:22:07 <m4n1sh> akshatj looks away in empathy

    16:22:10 <m4n1sh> probably he is away

    16:22:17 <coolbhavi> since geekosopher proposed his candidature

    16:22:25 <coolbhavi> we ll vote on it

    16:22:30 <AbhijiT> coolbhavi, wherre and when he proposted?

    16:22:37 <AbhijiT> just wanted to know

    16:22:44 <coolbhavi> sorry, I have to leave right now, can we have a quick vote on who continues with team reporting for ext month?

    16:22:48 <coolbhavi> in pm

    16:22:53 <AbhijiT> okay

    16:23:13 <coolbhavi> #vote geekosopher to chair next

    16:23:13 <meetingology> Please vote on: geekosopher to chair next

    16:23:13 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    16:23:20 <m4n1sh> +1

    16:23:20 <meetingology> +1 received from m4n1sh

    16:23:22 <AbhijiT> +1

    16:23:22 <meetingology> +1 received from AbhijiT

    16:23:35 <coolbhavi> nigelb,

    16:23:38 <coolbhavi> shadeslayer,

    16:23:45 <shadeslayer> +1

    16:23:45 <meetingology> +1 received from shadeslayer

    16:23:46 <Bipul`> +1

    16:23:46 <meetingology> +1 received from Bipul`

    16:23:46 <m4n1sh> Bipul`: akshatj

    16:23:47 <nigelb> +1

    16:23:47 <meetingology> +1 received from nigelb

    16:23:55 <AbhijiT> pksadiq, vote

    16:23:58 <coolbhavi> +1

    16:23:58 <meetingology> +1 received from coolbhavi

    16:24:15 <Bipul`> sory i was away

    16:24:18 <pksadiq> why every one only +1 , then what is the need for vote ? Smile :)

    16:24:32 <coolbhavi> pksadiq, Smile :)

    16:24:33 <m4n1sh> pksadiq: in case anyone wants to oppose

    16:24:34 <AbhijiT> pksadiq, because i think geekosopher is new so let give him chance

    16:24:46 <m4n1sh> pksadiq: in first meeting we had few -1 also

    16:25:00 <pksadiq> k m4

    16:25:22 <coolbhavi> pksadiq, no sms language please

    16:25:40 <coolbhavi> if you are for then type +1

    16:25:52 <coolbhavi> orelese -1 or +0

    16:26:09 <coolbhavi> for abstaining

    16:26:13 <pksadiq> coolbhavi : that's because i'm on mobile and it's hard to type full name, sorry

    16:26:33 <pksadiq> +1

    16:26:33 <meetingology> +1 received from pksadiq

    16:26:39 <coolbhavi> pksadiq, okay then no problems

    16:26:41 <coolbhavi> Smile :)

    16:26:48 <coolbhavi> is that all?

    16:26:55 <AbhijiT> done

    16:27:33 <coolbhavi> silence says it all Smile :)

    16:27:37 <AbhijiT> Smile :)

    16:27:38 <coolbhavi> #endvote

    16:27:38 <meetingology> Voting ended on: geekosopher to chair next

    16:27:38 <meetingology> Votes for:7 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    16:27:38 <meetingology> Motion carried

    16:27:49 <akshatj> m4n1sh: sorry, was away

    16:28:25 <coolbhavi> akshatj, you just missed a voting chance Sad :(

    16:28:27 <m4n1sh> all done?

    16:28:39 <coolbhavi> I think so

    16:28:48 <m4n1sh> next time we might have better topics

    16:28:48 <AbhijiT> done

    16:28:51 <akshatj> coolbhavi: Sad :(

    16:29:18 <coolbhavi> so guys thanls for turning up and participating

    16:29:22 <pksadiq> Cool : but he couldn't change the fate

    16:29:44 <Bipul`> m4n1sh, well i want to make a team that will conduct a workshop on Linux(ubuntu) here in every colleges and university in india

    16:29:45 <nigelb> coolbhavi: #endmeeting

    16:29:57 <coolbhavi> #endmeeting

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