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Meeting summary

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/Meetings/20120721/Agenda (vibhav, 14:04:24) LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuindia/ (koustav, 14:07:21)

  • Status of tried ubuntu-in website

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuindia/ (koustav, 14:07:37)

  • current status of the LoCo website

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuindia/ JOIN UBUNTU INDIA FB PAGE (koustav, 14:10:41) LINK: www.ubuntu-in.info (vibhav, 14:15:04) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamApprovalGuidelines (geekosopher, 14:20:36) IDEA: shift the LoCo website to wiki.ubuntu.com (vibhav, 14:25:04) IDEA: remove spam from the website and making a team responsible for keeping the wiki clean (vibhav, 14:35:48) IDEA: re-start the wiki (vibhav, 14:39:12)

  • Team Leadership

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuindia/ (koustav, 15:02:40) ACTION: Sort out leadership (vibhav, 15:08:57)

  • operators for the #ubuntu-in channel

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/Meetings/20101217 (tachyons, 15:22:25)

Meeting ended at 15:27:19 UTC.


Action items

  • Sort out leadership

People present (lines said)

  • vibhav (96)
  • ikonia (80)
  • geekosopher (70)
  • ramkr (48)
  • tachyons (44)
  • IdleOne (37)

  • dumbguy (21)
  • koustav (14)
  • ashickur-noor (11)
  • shadeslayer (6)
  • Bigbang (5)
  • abhishekp (5)
  • meetingology (4)
  • coolbhavi (2)
  • javajk (1)

Full Log

  • 14:00:24 <vibhav> #startmeeting

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    14:01:34 <vibhav> So who is present here?

    14:01:50 <dumbguy> i m

    14:02:12 <shadeslayer> \o

    14:02:18 <shadeslayer> passively however

    14:02:32 <coolbhavi> \o

    14:02:45 <vibhav> Koustav, bigbang: you there?

    14:03:04 <Bigbang> yes

    14:03:10 <koustav> ইয়ুপ

    14:03:13 <koustav> yup

    14:03:21 <coolbhavi> same here vibhav mailing on the arb list now so ll be silent

    14:03:26 <koustav> i am completeley new in relay chat

    14:03:34 <koustav> lots of things to learn

    14:03:54 <dumbguy> yeah me too

    14:04:21 <Bigbang> okay

    14:04:24 <vibhav> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/Meetings/201207/Agenda

    14:04:58 <vibhav> So who currently knows about the recent chitchat in the mailing lists?

    14:05:26 <vibhav> Regarding the Status of the ubuntu-in LoCo

    14:05:32 <dumbguy> how recent are we speaking ?

    14:06:10 <vibhav> This is currently the first meeting in the year 2012

    14:06:28 <Bigbang> okay

    14:07:21 <koustav> https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuindia/

    14:07:32 <vibhav> #topic Status of tried ubuntu-in website

    14:07:34 <ashickur-noor> hi

    14:07:36 <koustav> join UBUNTU INDIA's fb page

    14:07:37 <koustav> https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuindia/

    14:08:06 <vibhav> #topic current status of the LoCo website

    14:08:38 <vibhav> So do we know how outdated is the website of our LoCo?

    14:09:18 <abhishekp> yes, we need to update it.

    14:09:21 <vibhav> ?

    14:09:50 <vibhav> Abhishekp: exactly

    14:09:52 <dumbguy> last blog was 221 days ago !

    14:09:54 <koustav> its showing 8.10

    14:09:57 <koustav> :OO

    14:10:15 <koustav> how can we update our website ?

    14:10:31 <vibhav> So what plans do you suggest for updating the eebsir?

    14:10:40 <vibhav> Website*

    14:10:41 <koustav> https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuindia/ JOIN UBUNTU INDIA FB PAGE

    14:10:44 <ashickur-noor> .O

    14:11:12 <IdleOne> koustav: No need to repeat the link.

    14:11:21 <koustav> oh okay

    14:11:36 <abhishekp> Should we completely redesign the web site or just update the data present ?

    14:11:59 <vibhav> Koustav: we will start with the LoCo social pages later, can we talk about the website now?

    14:12:51 <vibhav> Abhishekp: the website wiki is full of spam currently

    14:12:59 <abhishekp> ok

    14:13:16 <shadeslayer> can you justify why we need a separate site?

    14:13:28 <vibhav> And the amount of spam is large

    14:13:39 <shadeslayer> why not a sub forum on ubuntu forums

    14:14:03 <vibhav> Shadeslayer: we don't need a separate site, we just need it to be redesigned

    14:14:36 <IdleOne> can you link to the site in question please

    14:14:44 <vibhav> Sure

    14:14:58 <shadeslayer> vibhav: no, I'm asking *why* do you need http://ubuntu-in.info/wiki

    14:15:04 <vibhav> #link www.ubuntu-in.info

    14:15:28 <ashickur-noor> is it Ubuntu verified?

    14:15:37 <ashickur-noor> As per I know Ubuntu give .org

    14:15:39 <ashickur-noor> not info

    14:15:52 <vibhav> You mean the LoCo ? No

    14:16:24 <ashickur-noor> not the LoCo the site

    14:16:49 <vibhav> The LoCo needs to be approved by the LoCo Council to get an .org domain name

    14:17:03 * shadeslayer is still waiting for a answer Wink ;)

    14:17:41 <ashickur-noor> ohhhh

    14:17:59 <ashickur-noor> We already have a .org domain, though our LoCo is dead

    14:18:11 <vibhav> Shadeslayer: well, the wiki was already there.

    14:19:07 <vibhav> Ashick-noor : no, ubuntu-in.org points to the ubuntu website

    14:19:43 <dumbguy> how do we get approval of loco council

    14:19:54 <ashickur-noor> yaP I know It is a LoCo site

    14:20:04 <ashickur-noor> Bye

    14:20:09 <ashickur-noor> need to go

    14:20:36 <geekosopher> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamApprovalGuidelines

    14:20:44 <vibhav> Shadeslayer : either, we can shift the wiki to wiki.ubuntu.com and remove the wiki from the .info domain

    14:20:54 <geekosopher> hello all

    14:21:05 <vibhav> Geeksopher: hey

    14:21:10 <geekosopher> shadeslayer: the forum is for support

    14:21:24 <geekosopher> a website is for showcasing the community

    14:21:45 <geekosopher> we don't necessarily need a separate website

    14:21:58 <vibhav> Afaik, the team admins can only request a LoCo forum

    14:22:05 <dumbguy> sustained team activity...how do we do that

    14:22:23 <geekosopher> but can work with even #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/

    14:23:00 <vibhav> That is a good idea too Smile :-)

    14:23:17 <vibhav> We can get a website once our LoCo is approved

    14:23:20 <geekosopher> though the wiki.ubuntu.com is intended to be only for co-ordinating the team activity

    14:24:28 <vibhav> Ill ask the LoCo council about that

    14:24:55 <geekosopher> vibhav: what do you want to ask the loco council?

    14:25:04 <vibhav> #idea shift the LoCo website to wiki.ubuntu.com

    14:25:14 <javajk> anybody from kerala ?

    14:25:55 <vibhav> Geeksopher: If we can shift a LoCo website to the ubuntu wiki

    14:26:01 <geekosopher> javajk: we can have a separate networking session later

    14:26:31 <geekosopher> vibhav: but we already have the pages at wiki.ubuntu.com

    14:27:02 <vibhav> Any more ideas for through website? ill mail the LoCo web team about them.

    14:27:12 <vibhav> The*

    14:27:36 <dumbguy> somebody correct me, we need sustained activity to retain .org only right ?

    14:28:03 <vibhav> Geeksopher: they only list information about the LoCo

    14:28:09 <geekosopher> dumbguy: we need sustained activity to gain loco approval

    14:28:18 <vibhav> Dumbguy: yes

    14:28:28 <dumbguy> okay got it

    14:28:41 <vibhav> Any more ideas?

    14:29:23 <geekosopher> vibhav: yes, so is that not functional enough for now, while we try to redisign the website?

    14:29:32 <vibhav> I take that as a no then

    14:29:50 <abhishekp> so when shall we start working on the site ?

    14:29:50 <vibhav> Ignore the previous line

    14:30:06 <ramkr> Hi all, sorry for joining in late

    14:30:22 <vibhav> Ramkr: that's fine

    14:30:40 <geekosopher> abhishekp: we can start working on the site right now

    14:30:48 <vibhav> Abhishekp : Ill ping the LoCo web team about this

    14:30:52 <tachyons> hello

    14:30:54 <abhishekp> ok

    14:31:04 <geekosopher> vibhav: LoCo web team?

    14:31:22 <ramkr> apologize again, with a question, is it possible for an update as to whats been discussed so far

    14:31:34 <dumbguy> when we say work on website, what exactly will that consist

    14:31:39 <vibhav> Geeksopher: yes, the team in charge of the LoCo website

    14:31:59 <IdleOne> ramkr: there will be logs of the meeting you can read later.

    14:32:05 <geekosopher> you mean loco.ubuntu.com?

    14:32:15 <tachyons> So late , what are things discussed Sad :(

    14:32:43 <geekosopher> tachyons: read message by IdleOne

    14:32:54 <vibhav> Geeksopher: no, the ubuntu-in web team

    14:32:59 <geekosopher> ok

    14:33:01 <IdleOne> May I suggest updating the current .info site. mainly the wiki info so it is at least current.

    14:33:42 <vibhav> IdleOne : the website is hit by a massive spam attack

    14:34:05 <tachyons> geekosopher:how

    14:34:09 <IdleOne> That would be a good start to modernize the look of the team and also show the loco council that there is activity in the loco.

    14:34:21 <vibhav> It may be very difficult to remove those pages

    14:34:30 <geekosopher> tachyons: what how?

    14:34:44 <IdleOne> vibhav: spam can be removed and volunteers can help keep it clean

    14:34:57 <tachyons> How to get todays archive ?

    14:35:16 <IdleOne> tachyons: a link to the log of this meeting will be posted at end of meeting

    14:35:21 <geekosopher> tachyons: link to the log will be provided after the end of the meeting

    14:35:48 <vibhav> #idea remove spam from the website and making a team responsible for keeping the wiki clean

    14:36:05 <dumbguy> who maintains/maintained website ?

    14:36:08 <geekosopher> i like that idea

    14:36:08 <IdleOne> tachyons: a link to the log of this meeting will be posted at end of meeting

    14:36:16 <ikonia> look at the wiki

    14:36:20 <ikonia> there is nothing of any value in it

    14:36:22 <ikonia> delete it

    14:36:23 <ikonia> re-create it

    14:36:27 <ikonia> make it account only

    14:36:32 <vibhav> ^

    14:36:40 <ramkr> +1 ikonia

    14:36:44 <vibhav> Ikonia: hi

    14:36:45 <ikonia> people who are members of the loco get accounts only

    14:36:47 <ikonia> simple

    14:36:50 <ikonia> use brain

    14:36:51 <ramkr> seems like we need a fresh start

    14:37:06 <tachyons> who will be in the new website team ?

    14:37:07 <ikonia> you only got spammed because the wiki was not setup properly so spam bots can hit it

    14:37:18 <ikonia> someone who has knowledge of how to run a web site needs to lead

    14:37:22 <ikonia> so there is security concerns

    14:37:37 <vibhav> Ill ping the web team about it too

    14:37:45 <ikonia> are the web team active /

    14:37:47 <ikonia> do they even exist ?

    14:37:55 <ramkr> Ikonia - it may also be an opportunity to have , as assistants, people who want to learn how to setup and maintain websites

    14:37:56 <ikonia> there is no activity on the project

    14:38:06 <ikonia> ramkr: as long as someone who is capable is leading

    14:38:12 <ikonia> ramkr: it's pointless having someone who has no idea teaching people

    14:38:16 <vibhav> Ikonia : the wiki has some valuable content regarding the LoCo too

    14:38:26 <tachyons> do they even exist . exist in paper

    14:38:29 <ikonia> vibhav: it really doesn't, it's conent appears to be worthless

    14:38:45 <ikonia> vibhav: however you can export any content you feel is vaulable

    14:39:11 <geekosopher> ikonia: yes, the admins should be contacted about accounts on wiki

    14:39:12 <vibhav> #idea re-start the wiki

    14:39:25 <ramkr> My general feeling is that one of the reasons why ubuntu-in is not so well is because of lack of two way interacitivyt, people have to feel that they are wanted and contributing

    14:39:31 <tachyons> javajk :are you jayakrishnan ?

    14:39:32 <geekosopher> ikonia: they do exist, just a little busy

    14:39:33 <ikonia> if you are unsure of how to deal with the website, why not go to a very active loco team, eg: one of the USA ones, ask for their website template, ask their web maintainer to set it up for you

    14:39:53 <ikonia> that way you have the website problem solved in 10 seconds, you know it's secure, and you just have to maintain the content

    14:40:17 <ikonia> there seems to be massive ammounts of discussion and no real common sense approach of how to deal with........ a website

    14:40:45 <ikonia> you're part of the ubuntu community that has massive locos already doing this, with experienced people, leverage it

    14:40:49 <ikonia> take their templates, take their admin teams experience

    14:40:56 <ramkr> also presently there is an overload of sources of information, so no one has any real need to visit ubuntu india

    14:41:08 <ramkr> we have to have things that no one else has,

    14:41:13 <vibhav> Exactly

    14:41:17 <ikonia> no you don't

    14:41:20 <tachyons> +1

    14:41:25 <ikonia> the loco is about providing a community for the local area/group

    14:41:29 <ikonia> not about having something others don' thave

    14:41:42 <vibhav> I doubt the necessity of a website too

    14:41:45 <tachyons> +1 @ikonia

    14:41:46 <ikonia> it can be exactly the same as every other loco, but based in the india area

    14:42:09 <ikonia> to bring the india community and act as an information hub for the india loco

    14:42:16 <ramkr> so why would any one want to visit ubuntu india loco when what it does is no different from indiana

    14:42:27 <ikonia> ramkr: because indiana is based in america

    14:42:40 <vibhav> Afaik, we were earlier an approved LoCo

    14:42:45 <ikonia> ramkr: so the events in america are not really any value to those people based in india

    14:42:47 <ramkr> i guess we are sayng the same thing - india based , india specific attrative to india

    14:42:49 <ikonia> or the information will be related to people in america

    14:42:55 <ikonia> correct

    14:43:06 <IdleOne> ramkr: To find out if there any local events they can attend, to see if there is any events they can help organize/volunteer for....

    14:43:10 <ikonia> it's the Indian loco, it's a hub and resource for the Indian loco team

    14:44:10 <ramkr> i know a lot of people who use ubuntu / mint but its installed by friends etc and they have no idea about what ubuntu or linux is all about

    14:44:16 <vibhav> We have a little time left, can we start with the next topic?

    14:44:20 <IdleOne> the LoCo site can also be used to point to existing support resources that are know to be safe and good.

    14:44:23 <ramkr> Idleone - i agree,

    14:44:40 <geekosopher> vibhav: let us first decide with this topic

    14:44:44 <ikonia> I think you need to consider what a loco is

    14:44:46 <ikonia> maybe talk to some of the other locos

    14:44:48 <IdleOne> so, having a bunch of help info repeated is IMHO a waste of web space

    14:44:50 <vibhav> Geeksopher : sure

    14:44:54 <geekosopher> what was the outcome of this disucssion

    14:44:59 <tachyons> vibhav: lets create volunteer teams right now

    14:45:06 <ikonia> ???

    14:45:09 <ikonia> why are you creating teams

    14:45:15 <ikonia> for what function ?

    14:45:18 <vibhav> Remove/restart/shift the wiki

    14:45:21 <ikonia> why ?

    14:45:27 <ramkr> many of the other loco's are located in univ where students form the base,

    14:45:28 <tachyons> for each function

    14:45:45 <ikonia> guys, look at what you are doing, you are running around like headless chickens

    14:45:51 <tachyons> I am a univ student

    14:45:51 <ramkr> that not what is it in our case, most of us, correct me if i am wrong, are working and use ubuntu professionally

    14:46:05 <IdleOne> right now I think the best thing would be for someone who has some knowledge of websites to volunteer to contact an existing LoCo team and get their help.

    14:46:08 <ikonia> does it matter how you use ubuntu ?

    14:46:17 <ikonia> peronsal, business, fun, a door stop

    14:46:55 <vibhav> Tachyons : why do we need a separate team?

    14:47:06 <ikonia> why don't you ask one of the existing successfull locos to loan you a leader

    14:47:13 <ikonia> someone who can help get you moving/started/orginised

    14:47:23 <dumbguy> someone should summerize whats going on, else conversation will run in circles

    14:47:28 <ikonia> someone who has experience

    14:47:33 <vibhav> Ikonia : +1

    14:47:44 <IdleOne> ikonia: I think the best option for guidance would be to contact the LoCo Council.

    14:47:50 <tachyons> vibhav: visit our loco site twice ,

    14:48:11 <ramkr> it does make a difference because students are most interested and create a lot of activity around linux and they are also the most likely to have time to volunteer

    14:48:19 <ikonia> ramkr: no, I'm sorry it doesn't

    14:48:26 <IdleOne> The LoCo council is better suited for helping find the appropriate help for a team who wants to regain approval.

    14:48:30 <tachyons> ikonica :+1

    14:48:32 <ikonia> ramkr: it makes no difference to a loco if users are at school, work, or don't even use the OS

    14:48:36 <vibhav> So as Geeksopher said, what do we conclude from this chat?

    14:48:40 <ramkr> and many univs already have their own lugs which do a lot of what the loco wants to do

    14:49:19 <ikonia> I couldn't disagree more

    14:49:31 <IdleOne> ramkr: in its purest form, a loco is about making new friends.

    14:49:33 <vibhav> 1. Restart the website 2. Shift the website to ubuntu wiki

    14:49:45 <ikonia> ??

    14:49:48 <ramkr> + 1 idleone

    14:49:48 <ikonia> have you just read what you've said

    14:49:57 <ikonia> why do you need to restart the website if you are moving it to the ubuntu wiki ?

    14:50:17 <ramkr> a space to know what others are doing and to learn and take things forward a network which is caused by ubuntu

    14:50:20 <dumbguy> ramkr: i get what you are saying but trust me, m an engg student and even some proferssors here are unaware about ubuntu, can't expect students to know..

    14:50:21 <ikonia> I'll leave you to it - it's clear this is just noise for the sake of noise with no real planning or experience

    14:50:29 <vibhav> Ikonia : they are the different ideas we have concluded. They are not related to each other

    14:50:55 <ikonia> vibhav: how can restart the website, move the website to the ubuntu wiki not be related ?

    14:51:04 <ramkr> dumbguy: ah not the prof, the students and a few are enough to make a lot of noise Smile :-) -

    14:51:10 <tachyons> I agree with option , second option does'nt make sense

    14:52:00 <IdleOne> What is the current leadership setup for this loco?

    14:52:08 <vibhav> Tachyons: the second option meant removing the website and shifting the content to the ubuntu wiki

    14:52:17 <IdleOne> Who is the team lead?

    14:52:30 <geekosopher> IdleOne: visit loco.ubuntu.com for the info

    14:52:32 <vibhav> #topic Team Leadership

    14:52:50 <vibhav> The LoCo is headed by bghose

    14:52:56 <tachyons> I am B tech student , We are gonna create open source club in our college , I hope we can do something for our loco

    14:53:06 <IdleOne> ok, are they active in this channel or on the mailing list?

    14:53:57 <tachyons> Ledaer must have previous experiance in ubuntu community

    14:54:08 <vibhav> i had proposed a new team structure and he said that we can the the LoCo members about it and take their opinion

    14:54:33 <vibhav> So here is the proposed team structure:

    14:54:36 <geekosopher> vibhav: say again?

    14:54:39 <IdleOne> vibhav: Did that conversation with the rest of the loco members ever happen?

    14:54:52 <vibhav> We will be taking inspiration from the Italian LoCo

    14:55:00 <IdleOne> you are jumping ahead of yourself.

    14:55:17 <IdleOne> You need to slow down and realize that nothing is going to get decided today.

    14:55:33 <tachyons> IdleOne:+1

    14:55:34 <IdleOne> vibhav: Did that conversation with the rest of the loco members ever happen?

    14:55:39 <vibhav> IdleOne : we had planned that we would discuss this in this meeting

    14:55:45 <geekosopher> vibhav: don't run it

    14:55:54 <geekosopher> we can meet again

    14:55:57 <ramkr> Team Admin(s): Aanjhan Ranganathan, Baishampayan Ghose, Gora Mohanty, Onkar Shinde, Soumyadip Modak

    14:55:57 <ramkr> Team Contact(s): Aanjhan Ranganathan, Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा), Nitesh Mistry, Nigel Babu

    14:56:12 <geekosopher> but just chatting with any decision is waste of time

    14:56:15 <ramkr> the above from the loco site, are any of the people listed there on in this chat

    14:56:20 <vibhav> Yes, they all are informed about this meeting

    14:56:23 <IdleOne> are any of the current leaders here today?

    14:56:26 <ramkr> some of them are active on the list

    14:56:52 <ramkr> * ubuntu india email list

    14:56:52 <geekosopher> I am Nitesh Mistry

    14:57:08 <vibhav> Niteshmisty voted for the timings , but isnt available hee

    14:57:15 <ramkr> Good to know

    14:57:22 <IdleOne> geekosopher: Nice to meet you.

    14:57:25 <geekosopher> vibhav: hi

    14:57:26 <vibhav> Geeksopher : ah Smile :-)

    14:57:44 <tachyons> I Manish minha : I am not familair with others

    14:57:44 <geekosopher> 0/

    14:58:05 <ramkr> thats two of the many

    14:58:08 <IdleOne> Now, since geekosopher is a team contact i propose he be the one to contact the LoCo Council and request help on getting this loco back up on its feet

    14:58:11 <tachyons> I know *

    14:58:18 <ramkr> but a start

    14:58:29 <vibhav> Geeksopher ^

    14:58:50 <tachyons> restart

    14:58:52 <IdleOne> the website has been forgotten about for a long time, a little longer won't make much difference.

    14:59:01 <vibhav> Geeksopher : we only have a LoCo for a namesake

    14:59:17 <geekosopher> IdleOne: I don't mind... but first we need to have a decision

    14:59:52 <tachyons> I hope my E mail helped for it :p

    14:59:59 <ramkr> I vote for Nitesh to take the lead , if he wants to

    15:00:06 <geekosopher> vibhav: yes the loco is inactive, accepted

    15:00:17 <geekosopher> but no point repeating the same again

    15:00:47 <dumbguy> as proposed earlier, i think its better to keep wiki alive and active until we have sufficient activity for loco ?

    15:01:07 <geekosopher> before we go to loco council, we need to have a plan of action

    15:01:11 <IdleOne> geekosopher: ok, ikonia suggested contacting one of the US LoCo's to get help setting up a secure web presence. ( California, Wisconsin, Oregon) all very active locos.

    15:01:22 <vibhav> if the LoCo is not active, what will we do with a website?

    15:01:40 <geekosopher> vibhav: good point

    15:01:54 <geekosopher> so how do we make the loco active?

    15:01:57 <IdleOne> vibhav: getting a secure website is the first step. Then you populate the site with information.

    15:02:14 <geekosopher> IdleOne: no, I guess that is the second step

    15:02:21 <IdleOne> getting a secure website is also a step towards being more active.

    15:02:24 <tachyons> Do we have a fb page/group ,twitter ?

    15:02:28 <geekosopher> first is to get some activity going

    15:02:40 <IdleOne> geekosopher: this meeting is activity

    15:02:40 <koustav> https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuindia/

    15:02:41 <IdleOne> Smile :)

    15:02:42 <geekosopher> have some release parties,

    15:02:58 <ikonia> amazing

    15:02:58 <geekosopher> IdleOne: no this is not an activity by itself

    15:03:03 <ikonia> this is a totally lost project

    15:03:11 <ikonia> geekosopher: actually it is

    15:03:17 <geekosopher> how about ubuntu hour in each city

    15:03:20 <ikonia> geekosopher: it's members of the region/loco having a meeting

    15:03:27 <ikonia> geekosopher: it's acticity, you don't have to have parties

    15:03:28 <tachyons> koutsav : I am alraedy member there(Aboobacker mk)

    15:03:45 <ikonia> you have to have information for people wanting to contribute

    15:03:46 <ikonia> so that they know how to get in contact with others, what others are doing etc

    15:03:57 <koustav> :P

    15:03:58 <ikonia> how will people know about these release parties with no information ?

    15:04:03 <geekosopher> ikonia: yes, the irc meetings are an activity

    15:04:08 <ikonia> how will people know to join this channel to meet other Indian loco members ?

    15:04:20 <ikonia> you need to have information available, secure, public, professional, valid, up to date

    15:04:20 <geekosopher> but not the one that defines a community

    15:04:23 <ramkr> in the past few days on the email list there was an announcement for a release party in chennai and a initial call for a meeting in delhi

    15:04:38 <ramkr> there is activity, just that the loco ain't in it

    15:04:41 <tachyons> ikonica : via social network , mailing list etc

    15:04:44 <IdleOne> geekosopher: after the Ubuntu hour, where do you put info about what happened during the hour? before the hour how do you let people know where it will be? all these things go on the website, without the website there is no way for people interested in meeting new people to find out about it.

    15:04:47 <ramkr> + ikonia

    15:04:53 <ikonia> tachyons: how will people know about these lists, and social networking

    15:05:06 <ikonia> tachyons: and facebook is a terrible tool, it depends on you having an account

    15:05:14 <vibhav> Yup

    15:05:17 <dumbguy> yep

    15:05:25 <ikonia> tachyons: so the sooner you stop spamming that pointless facebook page, the better

    15:05:26 <geekosopher> IdleOne: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/Events

    15:05:26 <tachyons> ikonica: share share share

    15:05:45 <ikonia> tachyons: you can only share with people who have accounts

    15:05:47 <ramkr> ikonia: agree on fb, i am not on it and am sure so are many othesrs, meaning we need to keep all channels active and open

    15:06:00 <ikonia> this project is totally lost in every way possible

    15:06:12 <ikonia> I suggest you end this dicussion, and get involvment from the loco council/experienced locos

    15:06:15 <tachyons> ikonica :sharing !=facebook

    15:06:21 <ikonia> tachyons: how do you share

    15:06:22 <IdleOne> So IMO I think the first steps is to get the website setup securely. geekosopher but the regular person in India who just heard about Ubuntu and wants more info does not go looking for wiki pages.

    15:06:44 <dumbguy> i believe people are reluctant in india to shift to ubuntu, we can start by informing why ubuntu is better even for indian workspaces/household PCs (I know a lot of info on this exists already)

    15:06:52 <vibhav> Ikonia: we are a lost project, I consider this meeting as baby steps

    15:06:56 <dumbguy> kind of activity

    15:07:23 <tachyons> reduce talking and do more

    15:07:27 <vibhav> We can atleast conclude something

    15:07:45 <ikonia> tachyons: saying prep-speeches doesn't add much

    15:07:50 <tachyons> ikonica : via friends to friends

    15:07:54 <Bigbang> to let know i they here

    15:08:01 <ikonia> tachyons: good luck with that

    15:08:04 <ramkr> how about an outreach programme to contact existing ubuntu users who are not part of the community

    15:08:11 <tachyons> ikonica :i know

    15:08:31 <ramkr> provide them with additional information about software and other latest things that are heppening

    15:08:32 <ikonia> guys, sort your leadership out, then get orginised

    15:08:35 <ramkr> *happening

    15:08:38 <geekosopher> vibhav: yes, its time to summarise

    15:08:45 <ikonia> get involvement from other experienced groups to guide you

    15:08:48 <ikonia> you are just going around in a circle here with no real value

    15:08:51 <geekosopher> ikonia: sure, thanks for letting us know

    15:08:57 <vibhav> #action Sort out leadership 15:08:57 * meetingology Sort out leadership

    15:09:31 <ikonia> hitting "action" in a bot isn't really doing something

    15:09:31 <ramkr> Prefer action to be have a stucture and roles in place

    15:09:33 <tachyons> ^ start a thread in mailing list , it is better to take a dicision about future plans

    15:09:45 <ikonia> an action needs to be given to someone

    15:09:47 <ikonia> with a plan

    15:09:59 <ikonia> just saying "action do $X" won't actually do anything

    15:10:32 <ikonia> good luck guys,

    15:10:39 <vibhav> Ikonia: we can least ping the current leadership about this?

    15:10:40 <geekosopher> ikonia: thanks

    15:10:41 <ramkr> Action: Have structure and defined roles,

    15:10:44 <tachyons> I think we should meet next week also

    15:10:55 <ramkr> Have people who are on the loco already to opt for a role

    15:10:55 <vibhav> Yup

    15:11:01 <geekosopher> tachyons: yes

    15:11:02 <ramkr> new people join the loc first

    15:11:11 <geekosopher> and thats the last item on agenda

    15:11:25 <ramkr> and then take up a role based on what they can do, not what they want to do (meaning they should be capable)

    15:11:35 <geekosopher> so what do you guys suggest for a meeting time?

    15:11:59 <tachyons> I same time on next week

    15:12:12 <ramkr> ? missed your full ? geekosopher

    15:12:23 <tachyons> I prefer *

    15:12:41 <geekosopher> ramkr: did not understand your last post

    15:12:54 <ramkr> what is the plan for the discussion about and where ?

    15:13:41 <dumbguy> i m new to this, how did leadership selection happen before our loco was passive, we can follow the same procedure ?

    15:14:20 <geekosopher> I am good with this time any week

    15:14:36 <geekosopher> I meant any saturday or sunday

    15:14:58 <ramkr> and do we get th other loco members to come

    15:15:00 <vibhav> i will be setting up a doodle poll for the next meeting

    15:15:07 <tachyons> should we need next doodle poll ?

    15:15:10 <geekosopher> vibhav: want to take a vote here instead?

    15:15:17 <dumbguy> are we winding this up ?

    15:15:29 <ramkr> rather have more people join in same time next week then poll for time again

    15:15:41 <geekosopher> dumbguy: yes, unless you have something more to discuss

    15:15:47 <vibhav> Geeksopher : all the LoCo members are not present, no

    15:16:02 <ramkr> who is taking responsibility to post the summary on this list and other lugs list with an invite for the next chat

    15:16:03 <geekosopher> ramkr: i was asking about the next week only

    15:16:15 <ramkr> +1 for next week

    15:16:17 <vibhav> Ramkr: me

    15:16:31 <ramkr> Cheers to Vibhav

    15:16:32 <dumbguy> okay great

    15:16:42 <tachyons> vibhav :+1

    15:16:52 <geekosopher> vibhav: thats great

    15:17:02 <tachyons> I am waiting for mailing list

    15:17:38 <vibhav> Lets discuss the final topic

    15:18:01 <tachyons> what was that?

    15:18:04 <geekosopher> weren't we on the final topic?

    15:18:22 <vibhav> #topic operators for the #ubuntu-in channel

    15:18:23 <geekosopher> Wink ;)

    15:18:59 <vibhav> Ok, so who are the current operators for this channel?

    15:19:13 <geekosopher> why do we need new ones

    15:19:25 <geekosopher> there is hardly any activity on the channel

    15:19:51 <dumbguy> agreed

    15:19:55 <vibhav> Because we don't have an active LoCo

    15:20:17 <geekosopher> and how does new operators solve that problem?

    15:20:30 <vibhav> If we were active, we Would have some activity here

    15:21:07 <vibhav> Geeksopher : we cantt leave the channel in a mode similar to the Loco's

    15:21:20 <vibhav> Wiki

    15:21:44 <geekosopher> operators are needed to moderate the discussion on channel

    15:21:49 <ramkr> the only reasoni came to this chat was to help rejuvenate ubuntu-in - i think there are some positives , we need to captalize

    15:22:08 <geekosopher> first let us have an active channel

    15:22:16 <vibhav> Geeksopher : sure!

    15:22:25 <tachyons> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/Meetings/20101217

    15:22:38 <geekosopher> if the existing operators can't keep up, then we can discuss this topic

    15:23:02 <geekosopher> tachyons: what about that?

    15:23:41 <tachyons> logof previous meeeting

    15:23:54 <tachyons> log of*

    15:24:31 <vibhav> Who are the current operators ?

    15:24:31 <geekosopher> tachyons: any particular part you want to highlight in that log?

    15:25:17 <IdleOne> /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-in list

    15:25:25 <IdleOne> will show you the current ops

    15:26:23 <IdleOne> right now ops is the least important thing, like geekosopher said when the time comes there are more ops needed, you can revisit.

    15:26:26 <tachyons> geekosphere : No but we need we need sch log for this meeting

    15:26:30 <tachyons> bye

    15:26:45 <IdleOne> there will be a log at the end of the meeting posted by the bot

    15:26:46 <vibhav> Sure

    15:26:49 <tachyons> nice to meet you all

    15:27:02 <Bigbang> thanks

    15:27:04 <geekosopher> tachyons: you will get a link as soon says vibhav types #endmeeting

    15:27:09 <vibhav> So with that,

    15:27:11 <dumbguy> yep nice to meet you too

    15:27:19 <vibhav> #endmeeting

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