About Lucian

Hello, everyone! I originally started my venture in to the computer science world when I was 11 years old. I worked on my parents PC that was booted in to Windows 95 and IRC was the first place I started 'hanging out'. As I became more experienced with the Windows platform, I started studying C++ and Java programming. The first useful project I completed was coding my own unique compression algorithm which led to the development of my own file compression utility. I kept adding on until the software was compatible with all other major compression formats. Afterwards, I developed my own IRC clients, a primitive IRCd and an all-in-one instant messaging client for AIM, Yahoo and IRC. When I was 16 I started building custom PC's for friends, family and occasionally to clients so I could have some real spending money. I have dabbled in various web design languages including HTML (duh), javascript, php, perl, and sql. I create computer graphics for my father whenever he makes a new product for his business. When I use his system, I always use Adobe Photoshop CS2, Illustrator and a few others. When on Linux, always The Gimp and Inkscape.

Why I Vanquished Windows

I started using Ubuntu Linux in May, so that gives me about 7 months of experience. I pretty much kicked Windows like a bad habit because I was sickly tired of the resource hogging applications that have pretty much become manditory to keep your PC clean of virii, malware, spyware and other external threats. I had ZoneAlarm, AVG Antivirus, Windows Defender, Ad-aware, Spybot, and a few other applications installed and constantly updating them one by one. This can become VERY tiring I was looking for a more secure way for my computing needs without the resource constraints. I had previously tried out OpenSUSE and Fedora and hated them. I was finally inspired to try Ubuntu and I have to say, I dont regret it one bit. Big Grin :)


I begin college in Jan 2008 and am going for a Bachelors in Computer Science. If my finances are all right when I graduate, I plan to keep going for my Masters and Doctorate degrees.

Primary PC

  • CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3800+
  • Memory: 1024 Mb (DDR)
  • HDD: 250 Gb + 250 Gb External
  • Other: SD/CF/SM/MS Reader, 6 USB, 1394, DVDR/CDR Combo

Upgrades: Plan on replacing the Motherboard with a faster model, add an additional 250Gb HDD, swap my two 512Mb DDRs with two 1 Gb DDRs, implement a liquid cooling system and upgrading my graphics card to something better with included HDMI output.

Contacting Me

  • IRC Nick: lucian and indylucian
  • AOL IM: convolucian
  • Yahoo IM: lucian.adamson
  • Jabber: evolucian

I only wish to be contacted by IRC, AOL IM, Yahoo IM, or Jabber. I do not use any of the email services associated with any of the names. Please do not try to contact me by email.


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