netkit-inetd in Ubuntu

Goal: Remove netkit-inetd from Ubuntu base since it is a rather useless daemon running as root.

Maintainer scripts should use update-inetd from package netbase rather than directly touch /etc/inetd.conf. update-inetd works correctly (i. e. modifies inetd.conf) even if netkit-inetd is not installed.

If netkit-inetd is removed from base, then packages that use it either need an explicit dependency, or inetd support should be dropped at all (it's off by default in most packages anyway).

Main packages that use inetd

  • cupsys-bsd (debconf question, off by default)
  • cvs (for pserver, debconf question, off by default)
  • exim4-base (commented out yet, for Etch version)
  • exim4-config (disabling obsolete smtp inetd service, should work fine)
  • libc6 (for restarting services, should work fine)
  • isdnvboxserver
  • netbase (dependency, can be dropped to Recommends)
  • postfix (for unconditionally disabling smtp in inetd, should work fine)
  • quota (postrm: disable rquotad; however, postinst does not enable it)
  • samba (offers obsolete possibility to run smbd/nmbd from inetd, off by default)
  • ubuntu-base (explicitly depends on netkit-inetd, although netbase already depends on it)

  • tftpd-hpa (debconf question, on by default)
  • vsftpd (disables inetd conf on upgrade, older versions used inetd.conf; should work fine)
  • xinetd (surprise)

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