Patrik graduated from UCN's highly sought out Design, Technology and Business programme in Aalborg, Denmark. He's been a passionate volunteer for a number of projects before joining Ubuntu. His dedication to a common cause earned him official Ubuntu membership on April 7th, 2016.


Patrik joined Ubuntu GNOME in November 2014 on aldomann's invitation. As a graphic designer student it was only natural to be invited to join the Marketing Team (formerly Artwork Team) to work on enhancing the desktop experience for users of Ubuntu GNOME.

  • the new visual identity for Ubuntu GNOME - the distro was in need of re-branding due to potential risks it faced due to having borrowed the logo of the GNOME Foundation. This was Patrik's first task right after joining the Marketing Team, which was a success.

  • working on the website for Ubuntu GNOME - in order to properly represent the #1 distro in the world we took effort to re-design the entire website for Ubuntu GNOME. This is still a WIP hoped to be finished soon.

  • introductory wallpaper for Ubuntu GNOME and other social media banners and complementary graphics

  • working on a new icon set for Ubuntu GNOME - for now only folders, we are hoping to create a new icon theme exclusive to the distro along with a new Gtk+ theme scheduled for 16.10

  • social media marketing
  • mentor for Google Code-In along with darkxst and amjjawad - members of Ubuntu GNOME were elected to assume the role of mentors and provide guidance to students participating in Google's Code-In event. Patrik's focus was to assist and provide critique with creating wallpapers for the next next release of Ubuntu GNOME.


Patrik first got involved with the Ubuntu GNOME team over a year ago designing our new (Current) logo. He has since been very active within the artwork/marketing team, keeping the social media sites updated with news, keeping the design aspects of the OS in good shape and is in the process of designing our new website. I strongly recommend him for an Ubuntu membership.

-- darkxst 2016-04-03 12:15:08 Ubuntu GNOME - Technical Lead

When Patrik joined the Marketing (formerly Artwork and Design) Team, he brought to the table a different perspective of our goals and design principles, which resulted in a major re-branding of the identity of Ubuntu GNOME. He takes things seriously and professionally, which is not always the case in this kind of volunteering projects. Working with Patrick is a joy, and he would surely make an excellent asset to any design team.

-- aldomann 2016-04-04 14:08:00 Ubuntu GNOME - Marketing Team Leader

I've been working with Patrik on the Marketing (formerly Artwork and Design) Team for the better part of a year. During this time I saw the evolution of the current branding for Ubuntu GNOME, which was executed in a very professional and passionate manner by him. He is self-taught, professional, dedicated, and has great attention to detail. He's also taking a lead in the social media efforts of the team, and is working hard on the design for our new website. I would strongly recommend him for an Ubuntu membership.

-- grvrulz 2016-04-06 14:13:52 Ubuntu GNOME - Web Developer

I have been contributing to various Ubuntu Projects since 2010. I have met online so many people that I can't count them anymore. Among those, some have gone the extra miles and added his/her fingerprint on my life. I can't forget those, no way. One of those is Patrik. He is the kind of person you would like to work with. He is super honest person and I love that fact. He is dedicated and committed to what he is doing. Above all, he loves what he is doing and that means success is not too far away from those who do what they love and believe in. Patrik is the high quality of contributor we do need within our community. I highly recommend to accept his application and can't wait to receive his first email. We shall gain a lot of benefits when we acknowledge his contributions to Ubuntu GNOME. I can't imagine the marketing team of Ubuntu GNOME without him.

-- amjjawad 2016-04-06 22:48:15 | Ubuntu GNOME Community and Release Manager. Ubuntu and GNOME official member.

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