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IIIMF is a project part of the Free Standard Group Open Internationalization Initiative. It is an input method framework aimed to be platform independent, multilingual and unicode based, multiuser, windowing system independent, extensible and more. On Linux, IIIMF is supported by RedHat, see the Fedora IIIMF testing page for more info.

IIIMF packages

  • im-sdk
    • iiimf-htt-csconv
    • iiimf-htt-le-canna
    • iiimf-htt-le-indic
    • iiimf-htt-le-newpy
    • iiimf-htt-server
    • iiimf-htt-xbe
    • iiimgcf
    • im-sdk-docs
    • im-sdk
    • libiiimcf-dev
    • libiiimcf2
    • libiiimp-dev
    • libiiimp0


SCIM is a Freedesktop project. Can use UIM's language input method with the scim-uim wrapper. SCIM is designed so it is easy to develop input methods with it.

SCIM packages

  • scim
    • scim
    • scim-server-socket
    • scim-gtk2-immodule
    • scim-frontend-socket
    • scim-dev
    • scim-config-socket
  • scim-uim
  • scim-chinese
  • scim-hangul
  • scim-m17n
  • scim-tables


UIM is a Freedesktop project. It is a multilingual input method library. The languages Input Methods are written in scheme. All the UIM input methods can be used with SCIM with the scim-uim wrapper.

UIM packages

  • uim
    • libuim0
    • libuim-dev
    • libuim-dev
    • uim-applet-gnome
    • uim-common
    • uim-fep
    • uim-gtk2.0
    • uim-helper-server
    • uim-utils
    • uim-xim
    • uim-xim
    • uim-xim
    • uim

  • [JapaneseInputHowto] using UIM (can be applied to other languages)

  • The M17N project is badly needed for some languages like Vietnamese. But the corresponding packages, libm17n-0 and m17n-db, have not been updated (in Debian and so in Ubuntu) for almost 2 years! During that time there has been new releases with the last one bringing a major enhancement (say requirements for Vietnamese typing) in functionnalities. I did package them myself (which is very easy with Gutsy) and put them in our HanoiLUG repository but I would rather love to see them in some standard Ubuntu repository instead! Any option to do this? -- ProgFou

Fill a Launchpad bug for the packages in question, request an update in the bug, link the diff files for your packages and it should make it easy. Join the ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list if you need help - it's always a shame to see some packages limited to a small group of users when it would benefit everybody if the person building the packages would just submit Sad :( -- Loïc

From SimosXenitellis Sun Apr 24 00:45:14 +0100 2005 From: SimosXenitellis Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 00:45:14 +0100 Subject: On IIIMF and a global Input Method Message-ID: <20050424004514+0100@>

See the blog of Iich ( Specifically, entry only supports IIIMF (see Malone#44626. If SCIM or UIM is selected, it would be nice to provide an IIIMF bridge to support OOo.


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