Interactive Fiction (IF) in Ubuntu

Packages for Ubuntu

  • Gargoyle: an IF player where text is treated as art. Gargoyle is in Ubuntu universe.
  • Inform7: though not in Ubuntu, it runs on Maverick (packaged for Ubuntu). Currently doesn't run on Natty.

Programming for Interactive Fiction


Brian Wisti has put together a set of tutorials for Python beginners, using Interactive Fiction as the learning context:

  1. Interactive Fiction with Python

  2. Handling a Single Round

  3. Tying the Scenes Together

  4. Handling Multiple Turns

Paul McGuire made an example adventure game using PyParsing. It is now included in the examples which you can download from SF (link is on the project page). You can download Paul's PyCon 2006 presentation ("An Interactive Adventure Game Engine Built Using Pyparsing") here.

Python Universe Builder (PUB) is an Interactive Fiction module for Python. It provides a programming environment similar to that of Inform or TADS but runs under any Python interpreter.

PyF is another Python IF implementation that uses XML to create stories. It is a cross-platform interactive fiction development library for Python. It aims to make writing interactive fiction easy and efficient without a need to learn a specialized IF language. PyF uses XML to model the game world but allows the actual game logic to be written in pure Python. This separation of logic and actual game content aims to improve the workflow of writers and programmers alike.

IF Resources

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