This page is designed to be a place to share questions and tips that are being used in the various interview series that are being conducted.


Behind MOTU

  • How long have you used Linux and what was your first distro?
  • How long have you been using Ubuntu?
  • When did you get involved with the MOTU team and how?
  • What helped you learn packaging and how Ubuntu teams work?
  • What’s your favorite part of working with the MOTU?
  • Any advice for people wanting to help out MOTU?
  • Are you involved with any local Linux/Ubuntu groups?
  • Are there any Linux Conferences/Summits/Fest you will be speaking or attending this year? If at what?
  • What if any is a personal Linux/Ubuntu related project that you think people should know about? Can you tell us a little more about it and how it impacts the Linux/Ubuntu Community?
  • What are you going to focus on in Lucid?
  • What do you do in your other spare time?

Ubuntu Community Interviews

  • Tell as much as you’re willing about your “real life” like name, age, gender, location, family, religion, profession, education, hobbies, etc.
  • When and how did you become interested in computers? in Linux? in Ubuntu?
  • When did you become involved in the forums (or the Ubuntu community)? What’s your role there?
  • Are you an Ubuntu member? If so, how do you contribute? If not, do you plan on becoming one?
  • What distros do you regularly use? What software? What’s your favorite application? Your least favorite?
  • What’s your fondest memory from the forums, or from Ubuntu overall? What’s your worst?
  • What luck have you had introducing new computer users to Ubuntu?
  • Are there any Linux events you would recommend to people and why? Do you speak at any of those events? If so what are the topics do you usually get asked to speak about?
  • What would you like to see happen with Linux in the future? with Ubuntu?
  • If there was one thing you could tell all new Ubuntu users, what would it be?

Approved Ubuntu LoCo Team

  • Could you tell us a little about you and what your role in the LoCo Team is?

  • When was the Ubuntu <insert Team Name Here> LoCo team started? How long after it was started did it take to get approved?

  • What tools do you use for your team? Mailing Lists, Forums, IRC, websites, Micro-blogging sites etc.
  • On the road to LoCo approval what were some of the challenges the team faced and how did the team overcome them?

  • What are the biggest challenges your team faces now and what strategies does the team use to over come them?
  • What types of activities does the LoCo Team participate in? Are there any events the LoCo team sponsors?

  • What are some of the projects your LoCo team has worked on? What are some of the upcoming projects the Ubuntu community can expect to see from the LoCo team throughout the next cycle?

  • What are some of the ways in which the LoCo actively recruits new members? What resources have you created or do you use (ie posters, fliers, business cards, banners etc)

  • What do you think is the best aspect of being part of a LoCo team is?

  • What has been the most rewarding and exciting moment for the LoCo Team to date and why?

  • What suggestions would you offer for newly formed LoCo teams or those teams working toward approval right now?

  • What tips, tricks, tools, references etc would you suggest for the leadership of a LoCo team?

  • When you think of the Ubuntu Community and the spirit of Ubuntu how does the LoCo embody and share that spirit?

  • Is there anything else about the LoCo team, or suggestions for being an effective and successful LoCo team you would like to share that you haven't already?

Meet the Canonical Platform Team Managers (from You-In-Ubuntu Blog on

  • Could you please introduce yourself and tell me a little about what you do at Canonical and for the Ubuntu Project?
  • Out of all the things in the Karmic release, what are you and your team most proud of?
  • What was the biggest obstacle you faced for this release and how did you over come it?
  • What can we expect from you and your team for Lucid Lynx, Ubuntu 10.04?
  • Understanding that every developer and community member's contribution and participation is appreciated, but if you had to name a "rockstar" that helped Karmic's Karma rock, who would it be and why?
  • Canonical staff are often asked to attend and/or speak at events such as conferences. Linux Fests, summits, even Ubucons are there any you are going to be at this year? If speaking what topic will you cover?
  • Your role within Canonical is [INSERT ROLE HERE]. People working for Linux or F/LOSS companies often have side or "pet" projects they are developing and/or working on. Do you, if so could you tell us more about the project(s)?
  • How and where you would encourage more community contributions?
  • When you think of the Ubuntu Community and the spirit of Ubuntu, what comes to mind and how do you foster that within yourself and your team?

Ubuntu Derivatives Interviews

  • [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] is the Ubuntu derivative for Education? Can you tell me a little about what makes Edubuntu different from Ubuntu?
  • There has been a lot of talk about the new Theme with [INSERT RELEASE NAME], what is new with [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] for this release cycle?
  • What ages does [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] target for education?
  • Can you tell me a little what is offered for the various age groups?
  • As we start into UDS and planning for [INSERT RELEASE NAME], what can we expect from [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] in [INSERT RELEASE NAME] as well?
  • What is the biggest advantage students and teachers gain from using [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] over Ubuntu?
  • When did [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] become a supported derivative?
  • How did the concept of Edubuntu emerge, who's idea was [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME]?
  • What were some of the early challenges to producing/developing Edubuntu? How was it overcome?
  • Is there an [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] Community within the Ubuntu Community? If so is it mirrored off the Ubuntu Community? What was is it similar/different?
  • Do the developers of [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] also "work" as developers on Ubuntu.
  • How big is the [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] Team?
  • If people want to help with [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] how do they get started?
  • If people want to install [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] where can they get it? How can they install it?
  • How has [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] changed from when it was first developed? Where do you see the future of [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] going?
  • Is there anything about [INSERT UBUNTU DERIVATIVE NAME] you would like to talk about that I haven't asked you about?

Translation Team Interview Questions

  • Could you tell us a bit about you and the language you help translate Ubuntu into?
  • How and when did you become an Ubuntu translator?
  • What other projects do you help with inside the community?
  • Do you belong to an Ubuntu LoCo team? If so, which one?

  • How can people who want to help with translating Ubuntu and all the various pieces and parts into your language get started?
  • What's the desktop experience for Ubuntu users in your language? Is Ubuntu in your language popular among native speakers?
  • Where does your team need help?
  • Do you know of any projects or organizations where Ubuntu is used in your language?
  • What do you feel is the most rewarding part of translating Ubuntu?
  • Is there anything else about your team or translation efforts that I haven't asked you about that you would like to talk about?


If possible try to give them some advance notice that you want to interview them.

If you are interviewing someone always try to read a little about them and what they do so you can personalize the questions, especially if you are interviewing them in person or on camera.

Be ready for a follow-up question, as sometimes they will say something that will lead you down line of questioning that is more exciting that you planned. And by exciting I don't mean controversial statement but one that makes you go - WOW! Didn't know X can we talk about that a little more.

If the interview is given to them to answer then ask then when and how you would be the best way for you to follow-up.

If you can tie the interview into something that is happening around the time the interview will print.

List the interview at Interviews after posting it.

List of LoCo Teams to be in be interviewed. Links to interviews will be included in the table as they are completed.

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