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Welcome to the IrcTeam reporting page. Every month this page should be filled with bullet points indicating the summary of some of the work the IrcTeam has been doing.

The Report

  • Preventing fake loco channels
    • Seveas will codify (on the wiki) the discussion we had about this as a naming policy.
    • We will continue to handle these cases in a case-by-case manner and use this policy to point people at.
  • Cloaks
    • We discussed policies for bot cloaks. Seveas will codify it as a policy on the wiki.
  • Both policies above are up for discussion on the ubuntu-irc list when the first draft is finished.
  • Launchpad teams were shifted around, with a new ubuntu-irc-council team being set as owner for ubuntu-irc and ubuntu-irc-cloaks
  • Now that the council has been approved, Seveas is replacing all references to himself on the wiki with the Council where appropriate.


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