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ie_15_15.png Next Ubuntu Ireland Team IRC Meeting: ([Wednesday 13 Nov 13 @ 20:30 Agenda) ie_15_15.png

Events which have already taken place in 2010

Regular Events

Ubuntu Hour Meet ups

The very first Ubuntu Hour in Ireland was held on the 6th of January 2010 on a rare snowy day in Dublin. Subsequent Dublin Ubuntu Hours were held on the last Wednesday of every month excepting December, in the Trinity Capital Hotel, Dublin and started from either 18:00 or 19:00. These typically lasted a lot longer than one hour.

Ubuntu Hour, Limerick was held in the latter months of 2010 on the last Thursday of the month, in the Absolute Hotel, Limerick and these began at 18:00 local time.

Ubuntu Global Jams

Open Jam, Global Jam with an Irish slant

The Irish LoCo held an Open Jam event which is a Global Jam with a few twists to suit the Irish circumstance. On Saturday 27th of March Open Jam took place, with the kind support of Enterprise Ireland who hosted this event at Enterprise Ireland's Head Office, The Plaza, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3.

Ubuntu Global Jam, August 2010

Our thanks go out to the folks over at Tog, Dublin Hackerspace who kindly offered us space to meet up on 28th of September 2010 to work together on Ubuntu Global Jam. It was an excellent face to face meetup with much progress made. 8 people turned up on the day to work on different Ubuntu related topics and help one another. Some folks learned how to log bugs while another learned how to edit wiki pages. Others worked hard on what they already knew. A smaller brave group worked on IRC on Sunday also.

The LoCo Directory listing for this event can be found here.

A more in depth write up, with pictures, can be found here

Limerick Meeting Featuring Ubuntu

On Saturday February 27th, Skynet, the University of Limerick Computer Society, hosted an afternoon of talks with Ubuntu in mind. The Keynote Speaker for this event was Matt Zimmerman of Canonical Ltd. It was a very entertaining and informative session and many of the related discussions went on well into the night. More information on the event is located at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/Events/February-2010-Talks

OSS Barcamp

April OSSBarcamp

OSS Barcamp returned in 2010. The first OSS Barcamp of 2010 took place in Dublin on April 17th. IBM kindly hosted the event at their offices on Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Photos of the event can be found here

September OSSBarcamp

The Ubuntu Ireland LoCo organised for a 2nd year in a row and for the second time in 2010, OSSbarcamp. This was an un-conference style event which took place in UCD over 2 days on the 25th and 26th of September, 2010. It was a free and open event for everyone to attend. There were talks, discussions and lots more going on over the weekend.

This type of event gives advocates an opportunity to discuss and talk about projects they worked on or are passionate about. It is also a great way for attendees to learn more about Open Source.

More details on ossbarcamp.com

A write up of the weekends happenings can also be found here

Release Parties / Geeknics / Other Social Events

May Geeknic / Lucid Lynx Release Party

A geeknic was held on the afternoon of a wet and windy Sunday 2nd May 2010 to celebrate Lucid Lynxs April 29th release. The venue for this geeknic was Farmleigh Park in the Phoenix Park. A Food Market was also held at the same location on that day. As always, all of the family were welcome. The geeknic was followed up by moving the release party to The Bull and Castle, Christchurch, Dublin that same evening. Some photos of the event can be found here

July Geeknic

A Summer Geeknic for 2010 was held at the Peoples Park, Dun Laoghaire See map. Despite the inclement weather we met early in the afternoon on Sunday 18th of July, 2010 and had a long chat and some lovely food. A write up of this event can be found here and more photos here

Maverick Meerkat Release Party

The Release Party started at Jimmy Chung's Chinese Buffet, 8 Eden Quay, Dublin 1 at 13:30 on Sunday 10th of October (couldn't quite get folks out for 10:10 in the morning!). After food party moved to The Market Bar, Fade Street, Dublin 2 at approximately 15:30. This is where some folks began to play with Maverick Meerkat using the available WiFi. An ubuntu centric pub quiz was organised for the market bar and by all accounts the questions for this quiz were very difficult.

A good write up of the days activities can be found here

Another write up including the pub quiz questions and answers can be found here

More photos of the event can be found in our LoCo Directory photostream here and also in our pix.ie account here

The quiz for techies that wanna read real good and do other stuff real good too!

This was a fun cross-technical group quiz which some members of our LoCo helped to organise and other members formed a team and took part. The Ubuntu Ireland team came a very credible third. Event details can be found here.

A good write up of the Event can be found here


The Business Value of Open Source Software

This one day enterprise orientated event was held on 16 Nov 10 in Dublin. A member of our LoCo Team maintained a booth at this event and distributed CDs. Mark Shuttleworth presented at this event.

A short write up of this event can be found here

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